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Geothermal Environmental Benefits in Hamilton, OH

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Geothermal systems use an underground loop and a heat pump to control the temperatures for your home. These home heating systems are reliable and can also offer the benefit of being beneficial for the environment. We are here to provide the expert services that back up these systems.

  • We specialize in high-efficiency and green technology.

  • Our technicians are EPA and NATE-certified, and factory-trained.

  • We have served Hamilton, OH since 1973.

You don’t want to enjoy a comfortable home at the expense of the environment. Why not work hand in hand with our planet? Discover more about the environmental benefits of this system and reach out to us for expert services that will keep yours running right.

“For a Comfortable Way Of Life,” contact Bartels Heating & Cooling to get the geothermal system services you need.


Closed Loop and Open Loop Systems for Geothermal Systems

Most geothermal systems in our area utilize "closed" loops, which indicate that the pipes installed in the ground are sealed off. They contain a liquid mixture of antifreeze and water circulated within the loop system. This liquid is what enables heat transfer from the constant temperatures within the ground, which is then transferred to the heat pump to supply heating or air conditioning depending on the time of year.

An open loop system is usually installed where there is enough groundwater or underground water source. The pipes are open so that the water can be pumped through a well connected to the water source. Once it is pumped to the heat pump and used, the water is sent through a different well back to the water source. Call any time to ask one of our geothermal experts which type of loop system is right for you.

Pond or Lake Geothermal Loop Systems

If your home is located near an above ground water source, such as a pond or lake, you can choose to install coils to draw the temperatures at the bottom of the body of water. The coils are attached to pipes, which are buried a few feet deep and run in between the house and the water. Pond loop systems work just as well as horizontal or vertical loop systems, but it all depends on each situation. Call us any time if you have questions.

Bartels Heating & Cooling – Your Hamilton, OH Geothermal Specialists

Call the geothermal specialists at Bartels Heating & Cooling for all your geothermal system needs in Hamilton, OH and the surrounding areas. We can help you choose the right loop system for your home and property, and we offer drilling and pipe installation services, as well as installations for a variety of geothermal heat pumps. Call us any time to schedule a consultation with one of our geothermal specialists .

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