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Geothermal Repair and Maintenance in Hamilton, OH

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Geothermal systems provide a large number of benefits to enjoy, including both heating and cooling! But this doesn’t mean they are invincible. You want to keep your geothermal heat pump running well for a long time. To do that, you’ll need a team like ours to provide your geothermal repairs and maintenance services. 

  • We are upfront about our pricing.

  • We specialize in high-efficiency and green technology.

  • We have served Hamilton, OH since 1973.

You need to know that the contractor you hire will do a professional job keeping your system in working order with annual maintenance visits. To learn more about our geothermal repair and maintenance services, give us a call today.

Contact Bartels Heating & Cooling for your geothermal repairs–“For a Comfortable Way Of Life.”


Geothermal Repair in Hamilton, OH

If a problem develops and you need someone to inspect and repair any part of your geothermal system in Hamilton, OH, call Bartels Heating & Cooling. We will have one of our NATE–certified technicians perform a thorough inspection. We are on call 24/7 for emergencies, so call us any time to schedule a repair service so that we can send someone over ASAP to resolve the problem. Common issues that might be a concern include a drop in efficiency levels, uneven heating or cooling, or whenever the heat pump stops working unexpectedly.

Hamilton, OH Geothermal System Maintenance

When having a new geothermal system installed, your focus is on saving money over time. Many homeowners choose to install geothermal heating and cooling systems because they know that over time, they will save money due to added energy savings on operation costs. However, the only way to ensure it continues to help lower energy bills is to have it properly maintained on an annual basis, and Bartels Heating & Cooling can provide yearly tune–ups to customers throughout the area. Annual maintenance of any major appliance and HVAC component will extend its lifespan, improve its efficiency, and catch potential problems well before they become an issue. All of these will help to keep your operating costs down.

When you call us for maintenance on your geothermal system, the first thing we do during each visit is check it for potential signs of wear and tear. Because most of your system is exposed to the elements, issues can develop due to any extreme weather conditions or natural disasters. We also perform full maintenance on the indoor heat pump system to ensure it works properly whether it is in the heating or cooling mode. This will give you the peace of mind that your heating and AC system will work throughout the year. Having the system tuned up twice a year, before each season, is ideal. Call us if you would like to make an appointment.

Bartels Heating & Cooling Provides Geothermal Services in Hamilton, OH

If you need any type of service for your geothermal heat pump system in Hamilton, OH and the surrounding areas, call us Bartels Heating & Cooling. Our EPA and NATE–certified technicians provide comprehensive geothermal service to homeowners throughout the region, so give us a call today.

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