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Surge Protector Services in Hamilton, OH

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Power surges don’t just occur when there is a lightning strike. They happen in small amounts throughout the day too. Big or small, power surges can and will damage your electrical appliances. That is why having a surge protector is a great investment for your home. Our team can help with your whole-home surge protector installations, maintenance, and replacements. 

  • We are upfront about our pricing.

  • We have served Hamilton, OH since 1973.

  • We never use high-pressure selling tactics.

Help protect your electronic equipment, HVAC systems, and your home from electrical surges and potential hazards. Get a surge protector today to ensure that extra energy doesn’t have a chance to harm the appliances in your home.

Call us today, and let us find the most cost-effective solution to all of your whole-home surge protection services. “For a Comfortable Way Of Life.”


Whole–Home Surge Protector Installation

Whole–home surge protectors are installed to prevent damages whenever there’s a power surge. By redirecting the excess charge away from your electrical devices, a whole–home surge protection system can provide added protection from simply using power strips. These systems are designed to protect all of your electronics and large appliances from electrical damage. For whole–home surge protector installations, call Bartels Heating & Cooling.

Surge Protector Repair in Hamilton, OH

Even small surges can cause the deterioration of the equipment over time. That’s why when you are having problems with your surge protection device, it is important to call for a repair or tune–up service. The technicians at Bartels Heating & Cooling are equipped to handle all your surge protection repair and maintenance needs. Remember that routine maintenance can help prevent repairs, but that this also very important to call as soon as you need a repair. We offer 24–hour repair service, so call any time.

Whole House Surge Protector Replacement in Hamilton, OH

Whole–house surge protectors are typically installed at the main breaker box, and you may not be able to tell when they need to be replaced. That’s why you should have Bartels Heating & Cooling check your surge protection system during routine check–ups. We can recommend the best replacement option for a new whole–house surge protector and install it for you.

Bartels Heating & Cooling – Your Hamilton, OH Area HVAC Contractor

Bartels Heating & Cooling is proud to be your Hamilton, OH area HVAC contractor! We have been in this business for 40 years and are dedicated to providing quality service. From whole–home surge protector installations to 24/7 emergency repairs, we can handle any job. If you would like to know more about surge protection for your home in Hamilton, OH or the surrounding areas, call us today!

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