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3 Things You Should Know about Your Furnace

Chances are high that your home heating system is a furnace. There is no whole-home heater more common in the US. And we think there are a few things you should know about this system you use every single day, even though you may have very little background on it in the first place.

Today’s furnaces don’t have standing pilot lights

Older furnaces had a pilot light the homeowner or a technician had to light before the heating season began. But today, the pilot light does not stay on at all times. Electronic ignition only lights the pilot when the thermostat calls for heat. There are two types of ignition systems used today:

  • Hot Surface Ignition: A material like silicon carbide heats up to an extreme temperature when energized, lighting up the burners when it meets the gas.
  • Direct Spark: No pilot is necessary with direct spark ignition, in which a spark plug creates a spark when energized that lights up the burners.

Closing vents can damage your furnace

A common misconception about whole-home heating and cooling systems is that closing the vents can help you to save some energy and get warm faster. The idea is that closing off a vent in a room you’re not using helps the air to move with ease into the room you are in.

However, the furnace was specifically designed to heat a certain amount of space, and your technician put a lot of time into selecting the right one. If the space in your home closes off, the furnace can short cycle, running too frequently for short periods of time, which wears down the components.

They need maintenance

And the best person to maintain your furnace is a professional technician. You should change your air filter every month, but a technician can adjust some of the settings, inspect for broken or unsafe parts, and oil the motors or make some adjustments to loose screws as necessary. All of this can extend the lifespan of your heater, prevent repairs, and allow for better efficiency.

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