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4 Steps Toward More Efficient Heating

Everybody wants to save some money, but life’s comforts and necessities come with a cost. Heating, for example, can account for nearly half of your monthly utilities!

These tips can help you save more money on heating over the years, although you may need to make an investment upfront. Call our friendly office staff for more information!

#1: Changing the Air Filter

A dirty air filter may be more problematic than you think. Clogged filters are troublesome because they stop air from moving through the heating system. Keep the pathway clear by replacing your system’s air filter each and every month.

#2: Scheduling Routine Maintenance Every Year

Routine heating maintenance services help your heating system to run smoothly for longer. Cleaning the blower components, making adjustments to certain parts and settings, and completing a thorough inspection are all steps that ensure the longevity of your heater. And when a heating system runs smoothly, it costs less to run.

#3: Upgrading the Thermostat and Setting It Properly

Still using an old manual thermostat to change the temperature? Many people have trouble remembering to change the temperature before they leave the house or to turn the system off. With a smart thermostat, you won’t have to worry about that. You can upgrade the temperature remotely from your smart phone.

Just make sure you stick with an efficient temperature while you are home. Most technicians don’t recommend going over 68° or so if you want to avoid high monthly bills.

#4: Knowing When It’s Time to Let Go

Finally, it’s important to understand that most heating systems only have a lifespan of about 10-15 years. That means that it may very well be time for an older heater to go out—as it may be costing you way too much money to run anyway.

Older heating systems have lost efficiency with age, and you may have to make costly repairs from time to time. If it’s time for a new furnace, don’t wait too long.

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