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Boiler Life Expectancy: What You Need to Know

condensing-gas-boilerWhen you have a heating or cooling system installed in your home, you’d like to think it’s the last one you’ll ever need to purchase. Perhaps it will run forever and you’ll only need to have it repaired on occasion.

This isn’t reality, of course, and you know it. One day you’ll have to replace the boiler that warms your home through the winter. But how long can you expect that boiler to run efficiently and effectively?

We can help answer this question and give you some perspective on when a boiler replacement is the best option.

The Longer Life of the Boiler

The good news: boilers last longer than most other heating systems, including gas furnaces and heat pumps. The reason for this longevity is the smaller number of moving mechanical parts in boilers, which makes it harder for wear and tear to get a grasp on them and grind them into oblivion. Boilers wear down, but it takes longer for age to have an effect as long as they receive routine maintenance. 

The Boiler Life Expectancy

Now to the less good news: even with the best care, boilers have a limit. You might have heard a statistic about boilers lasting up to 50 years, but that was only the case for huge cast iron boilers from decades ago—and you wouldn’t like the cost of those systems or how much space they consume.

A standard hot water boiler, the type you most likely have, can often last more than 20 years. Even 30 years isn’t impossible, although it’s improbable and we don’t encourage customers to push a boiler to that age if it’s showing signs of problems. A high-efficiency condensing boiler will last a shorter time, from 15 to 20 years. 

As a rule of thumb, we recommend caution with a standard boiler that’s over 20 years old. It may still go for a few more seasons, but it’s also at a point where it may begin to decline rapidly. Watch for an increase in your gas bills and be wary of paying too much for repairs. If the boiler needs a major repair and it’s more than 20 years in service, the better path is to replace it. Believe us, if you’ve gotten your boiler past 20 years, you’ve done a good job and gotten an excellent return on investment in it.

Trust to Your Local Boiler Pros!

We offer the HVAC service in Mason, OH to care for your boiler, whether that means repairing it when it malfunctions or seeing that it receives proper annual maintenance. We’ll even take on the replacement when the time comes. Not all HVAC contractors in the area work with boilers, but we do! Our regular maintenance makes it easy to see that your boiler has those vital inspections, cleanings, and check-ups that will help it live to its full potential. Get in touch with us today to schedule boiler service or to ask any questions you may have about your current boiler.

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