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Don’t Ignore Heating Repairs Because It’s Spring!

heating-furnace-repair-technicianIf you’ve been through at least one spring in Ohio, you know that the season is never a guarantee the cold weather will vanish for good. Cold snaps can continue to happen even into June. You never know when you’ll need to have your furnace or boiler running again. This is why you shouldn’t shut down either for the season until the summer weather has well and truly arrived.

But you may still feel tempted to ignore the need for heating repair in Mason, OH because of the proximity of summer. The boiler is making some odd rumbling noises? “Oh well, it can wait until fall.” The furnace is turning on and off too rapidly? “Not a big deal, I won’t need it soon anyway.”

This kind of thinking can lead to trouble. Possibly even a dangerous situation if your home uses natural gas. Heating repairs need to be taken care of promptly, no matter the season.

The Safety Concerns

We’ll address this first, because safety always comes first. Natural gas furnaces and boilers are the most common types of heating systems in Ohio. If your house has a natural gas connection, then you almost certainly have a gas-powered heating system. Gas-powered heaters are rarely dangerous—as long as they receive annual maintenance and repairs done as soon as they’re needed. If you neglect warning signs from your furnace or boiler, delaying with getting repairs done could end up creating gas leaks and combustion hazards. And even electric heating systems have the potential to become unsafe due to electrical fires. Prompt action helps keep your family safe.

The Cost Concerns

There are two parts to this:

First, a heating system operating with a malfunction will have to work harder. Each time the heater turns on, it will waste money. And when the heater comes back on again in fall, it will start off wasting money then as well. There’s no reason to keep paying more than necessary to run the heater.

Second, the longer it takes to get to a repair, the more that repair will likely cost. Malfunctions tend to be progressive—they worsen over time because of the extra strain they create. They can also trigger other malfunctions and lead to multiple repairs.

The Service Life Concern

To get the best return on an investment in a home heating system, the system must last for as many years as it effectively can. Allowing a heater to continue to run with a malfunction increases wear on it and causes it to age faster. Leaving a repair undone can end up taking years off the heater’s service life.

The Surprise Breakdown Concern

The quickest way to make your heating system break down when you need it is to allow a repair to go without being fixed. On that last cold day of the season, do you really want to get trapped with a busted heater and have to scramble for emergency repairs? Of course not. You can always count on our team when you need 24-hour emergency repair service, but we know you’d rather not have to go that route. Make the proactive decision and have the repair done when it’s not an emergency.

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