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Don’t Skip This Important Service This Season

Heating maintenance (or a heating tune-up) is one of the most important services you can schedule for your home before the winter starts! We’re barely moving into fall, but that does not mean it’s too soon to start thinking about the performance of your heating system. Wait too long, and you may be too late!

Annual heating tune-ups help prevent your heater from breaking down when you really do need it: in the middle of winter when temperatures are too low to bear. Learn more in the guide below!

Who Offers Annual Heating Maintenance and What’s Included?

Your local area likely has one or several companies that offer annual heating maintenance service. For an agreed-upon price, a technician will come inspect and tune your system. This is not a substitute for heating repairs!

They may also offer a heating maintenance contract. Joining a maintenance program typically means you agree to have the company service your comfort systems twice a year or so, and in exchange, you get benefits back from the company. Our maintenance program, for example, makes you a priority customer with 24-hour service, no overtime charges, and a 15% discount on any future repairs. But all companies offer something different!

How Tune-Ups Benefit You

Your heater will be cleaned and inspected, and some minor adjustments may be made during your maintenance visit. A heating tune-up benefits you in so many ways:

  • Learn about problems within your heating system early, so that you can make repairs before it becomes a big issue.
  • Save money on heating with a system that runs more smoothly.
  • Avoid repairs in the near future.
  • Potentially prolong the life of your system.
  • Get discounts on future services when you sign up for annual maintenance programs through local contractors.

Get your next heating tune-up from Bartels Heating & Cooling if you’re in the West Chester, OH area. Call our team to learn more!

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