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Heat Pump Question: Should The Outside Fan Run When It’s in Heating Mode?

Heat pumps are highly efficient heating and cooling systems commonly used in homes and businesses. They work by transferring heat between the indoors and outdoors, depending on whether you need heating or cooling. If you’ve ever observed your heat pump in heating mode and wondered “is the outside fan supposed to run when the heater is on”, you’re not alone.

Let’s address this common question and provide insights into how heat pumps operate.

How a Heat Pump Works

To understand whether the outside fan should run in heating mode, it’s important to grasp the basic principles of heat pump operation. Heat pumps use a refrigeration cycle to move heat from one location to another. The outside unit of a heat pump absorbs heat from the outdoor air, even in cold weather. This heat is collected by the refrigerant inside the coils. The refrigerant carries the absorbed heat to the indoor unit. Inside your home, the indoor unit releases the absorbed heat into the indoor space, warming your living areas.

Should the Outside Fan Run in Heating Mode?

To put it simply: Yes, the outside fan should run when your heat pump is in heating mode. Here’s why.

  • The outside fan is responsible for the transfer of heat from the outdoor air to the refrigerant coils inside the outdoor unit. Even in cold weather there is some heat present in the outdoor air. The fan helps to capture this heat for the heating process.
  • Running the outside fan is important for the efficiency of the heat pump. By continuously moving air over the coils the system can extract heat effectively. This allows it to heat your home efficiently.
  • In extremely cold conditions frost can accumulate on the outdoor unit’s coils. When this happens, the heat pump may go into a defrost cycle. When this happens the outside fan temporarily stops running to allow the unit to melt the frost. Once the defrost cycle is complete, the fan resumes normal operation.
  • Heat pumps are versatile because they can switch between heating and cooling modes. The outside fan also plays an important role in cooling mode. It helps release heat from your home to the outside air.

When Should You Be Concerned?

While it’s normal for the outside fan to run in heating mode, there are instances when you should be concerned if it’s not running. If the fan stops running during extremely cold weather, it might mean that the heat pump is in a defrost cycle. This is typically a temporary condition and shouldn’t be a cause for concern unless it does not come back on. If the outside fan doesn’t run at all in heating mode, it could indicate a problem with the heat pump. When this happens, contact a professional.

The outside fan should indeed run when your heat pump is in heating mode. It plays an important role in the heat transfer process and overall system efficiency. If you notice any unusual behavior with your heat pump or have concerns about its operation, it’s best to consult with a professional HVAC technician to make sure your system is working properly and efficiently!

If you’ve discovered a problem with your system, or want to schedule routine maintenance, contact Bartels Heating & Cooling today!

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