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How to Tell When You Need a New Heat Pump

Outdoor heat pump units beside a home.

Your heat pump pulls double duty to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It endures a lot of wear and tear, so when has it truly had enough? It’s not always clear when you need a heat pump replacement, so let’s help you take a good hard look at your heat pump and see if it’s time for an upgrade.

If It’s 10 to 15 Years Old

Most heat pumps last for at least 10 years. Once that pump hits the double digits, it’s not going to be nearly as efficient as it once was. Because the wear and tear your heat pump faces is slow, you may not even notice problems until they become extreme.

It’s rare for a heat pump to last for more than 15 years. This is when repairs become more frequent and efficiency is at an all-time low. If those frequent repairs cost you a great deal, that could be another sign.

If Repairs Are 50% or Greater Than the Cost of a New Heat Pump

If there are enough problems with your heat pump, the estimated repair costs could reach or exceed 50% of the price of a new heat pump. At that point, it’s a much wiser investment to simply replace it outright.

Newer heat pumps come with the benefit of improved energy efficiency and all-new parts. You’ll know that every piece of your heat pump is in perfect working order. From here, you can set up an annual maintenance plan to help this new heat pump hit that 15-year lifespan.

Unknown Increase in Utility Bills

Your heat pump uses are habitual. You know when you turn it on and when you turn it off, yet suddenly, your energy bills are soaring. If your energy company isn’t hiking the rates, this simply means your heat pump has to use more energy to run to produce the same results it offered you a few years ago.

Beyond the energy efficiency of new heat pumps, the lack of wear and tear means you can enjoy better energy rates for years to come.

Constantly Noisy Operation

As different internal components in your heat pump begin to give out, they can produce whirring, screeching, or rattling sounds. When one piece begins to give out, it often affects others and can increase the amount of damage to your unit.

The cost will depend on how long components have been knocking around, what other pieces they’ve affected, and how it affects your unit. It doesn’t take much for these issues to rack up a repair bill, which is why heat pump replacement is often the better option.

Replace Your Old Heat Pump as Soon as Possible

Because your heat pump is your entire home comfort source, you shouldn’t wait to repair it once it’s hit the end of the line. Be ready to make the call and get a new heat pump installed as soon as you have the option.

Contact us today to replace your heat pump and start enjoying the comfort of your home like you deserve.

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