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Indoor Allergies Require a Good Air Filter

One of the benefits of the cooler fall air is that we experience the first frost. While many people may not be happy about this, allergy sufferers tend to rejoice. Why? The first frost kills off the flora and fauna that make fall allergies so challenging, reducing allergy symptoms. However, just because the cool air is here, and cold air is to follow, doesn’t mean you are out of the woods if one of your allergens is dust or pet hair. These kinds of allergies will affect you all the time, and if you have a forced air heating system, you’ll be trapped with these contaminants all winter long – unless you have a good air filter to capture them.

Indoor Allergy Relief

There are a number of ways to save money during the winter months, but using a lower quality air filter won’t save you much, and may cost you a lot more in personal health and comfort. It may also cost you when it comes to the health of your heating system. Upgraded air filters capture far more dust and dirt than standard air filters do, which is just as good for your heating system as is it for you. The bottom line is that an upgraded air filter may be what you need to maintain your personal health and the health of your HVAC system during the winter.

Why Is There a Difference?

One of the biggest differences between a standard filter and an upgraded filter is the filter media used to capture particles. The filter media of an upgraded air filter is a far better quality because it has a tighter weave and denser folds. This allows it to capture many more particles and far smaller-sized particles than your standard air filter ever could.

If you need help choosing, installing or replacing your home’s upgraded air filter, call the indoor air quality experts at Bartels Heating & Cooling today. We’ll make sure you have the right air filter for your home in West Chester, OH!

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