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Mid-March? It’s Time to Think of AC Maintenance


Next week brings the official end of winter. We know that this doesn’t mean the cold weather will simply stop—the start of spring often brings abrupt cold snaps and surprises. But temperatures are already warming up and starting the climb toward the summer.

For us in the HVAC business, this is the time of year for air conditioning maintenance. We encourage all our customers to arrange for a visit from one of our skilled technicians to tune-up and inspect their air conditioners to ensure they’re ready to go to work when they need to, and that they’ll do the best job through the rest of the year.

You can call us for air conditioning maintenance in Mason, OH. We recommend signing up for our maintenance program, which includes both AC maintenance and heating maintenance, as well as great membership perks like a 15% discount on repairs and priority scheduling. 

Why an AC Needs This Annual Maintenance

People often forget that their air conditioning systems require routine check-ups with professionals, or they think they can have the service done every other year or only on occasion. But air conditioning systems work hard every year, and they accumulate enough wear over a summer of cooling that it will start to have a serious impact on their operation and longevity—unless they receive the right attention before the summer.

Here are a few reasons that annual AC maintenance is so critical:

  • It keeps the AC energy efficient: The strain placed on an air conditioner will cause it to drain more energy to do its job. Each year an AC misses professional maintenance, it will suffer around a 5% decline in its energy efficiency, and that means it will cost more to run. Maintenance slows this down so an AC will only lose about 5% efficiency over most of its service life
  • It prevents most repairs: More than half of the repair air conditioners need during their service lives can be prevented thanks to routine maintenance. That’s a lot of time and money saved.
  • It extends equipment life: The average service life of a central air conditioning system is 10 to 15 years. If an AC doesn’t have routine maintenance, that number will start to drop. An air conditioner may end up only lasting 5 to 8 years if it misses maintenance.
  • It stops sudden breakdowns: Think of maintenance as an investment against having an AC emergency in your home, such as the unit failing on you during one of the hottest days of the year. The peace of mind professional maintenance gives you is one of its best benefits.
  • It keeps the warranty valid: The warranty on an air conditioner may be voided with proof of regular maintenance. 

Our technicians have years of experience handling the maintenance needs of air conditioning systems. They’ll see that your AC receives the best treatment so it can make summer cool and comfortable for you. If we do find problems, we can help you schedule swift repairs so the AC is ready for the season ahead.

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