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Our Guide to Choosing the Right Furnace for Your Home

If you’re looking into purchasing new heating equipment for your home or replacing a failing system, we’ve got you covered. Our technicians are here to help with all of your heating needs—big or small—which is why we’ve provided this guide to selecting your new furnace. Call our friendly team for more information!

The Big Picture

Hopefully, you have access to a natural gas supply. Gas heaters are simply less costly to run, since the cost of natural gas is much lower than the cost of electricity. Deciding whether you need a gas, electric, or oil furnace is the first step before comparing your options.

When comparing furnaces, pick a brand you can trust—one that’s been around for many years, like Carrier. Remember, financing is often available from a local contractor. Don’t choose a low-price system and sacrifice efficiency. A high-efficiency system pays off in the long run, as your bills will be significantly lower from month to month.


Finding a furnace that is the right size for your home matters. If it is only a little too small, your furnace will have trouble heating your home completely, as it was designed for a smaller space. That means less comfort, higher bills, and potential repair needs along the way. And a larger system may short cycle, running too frequently and wearing down its components. That’s why it’s so important to work with qualified heating technicians who know about sizing and heating capacity.

Additional Features

After you’ve figured out what size and efficiency rating is right for your home, you can look into some extras. These may include…

  • Variable-speed blowers – These adjust the fan speed as needed to keep temperatures within one or two degrees of the thermostat settings. They also run more quietly than one-speed fan motors.
  • Modulating furnaces – Adjust heat as needed, just like with a gas burner.
  • Intelligent controls – Use the Wi-Fi in the home to gain control of the heater from an app on your smart phone.
  • Warranties and financing options – Check out which systems can help you save.
  • Dual-fuel heat pumps – You can pair a gas furnace with a heat pump for maximum efficiency throughout the year.

If you’re in Mason, OH, you’ll get great advice and expert installation from Bartels Heating & Cooling. Call our team today!

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