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Reasons Your AC Is Already Having Trouble

air-conditioner-unit-being-repairedYou’ve turned on your air conditioner at least once this season, and you can expect it to remain running during most days for the near future. That can make it extra worrying if the AC already appears to be having problems. This happens sometimes: an air conditioner begins the summer seasons a few steps behind. It may be a minor issue—or the air conditioning system may soon be many steps behind and in danger of failing when you need it the most.

What Might Be Troubling the AC

We’re glad to take care of your air conditioning in Mason, OH with whatever repairs it may need. Before getting to that, let’s take a look at what may be causing your AC to have a hard time.

The AC has not had its annual maintenance yet

Be honest: did you forget to schedule your regular air conditioning tune-up and inspection with our team? This is essential if you want an AC that runs into as few problems as possible in the time ahead. Before you run the air conditioner again, call us to schedule this appointment. During maintenance, we’ll be able to tell if there is an actual repair issue that needs addressing, or if the problem is one we can clear up with a standard tune-up.

You forgot to change the air filter

Here’s another routine task that you may have forgotten to do. The air filter on the HVAC cabinet is responsible for preventing debris coming through the return air vents from infiltrating the air conditioner’s interior. After one to three months, the filter will be clogged enough that it will impair the AC’s operation, meaning less cooling and higher bills. Change the filter if you haven’t done so in months, and keep a regular schedule of filter changes throughout the season.

The thermostat isn’t working right

A thermostat can lose its ability to accurately detect indoor temperatures. Even a few degrees of miscalibration will cause it to turn the air conditioner off early and leave you with a warmer house than you see on the thermostat’s display. This is easy for our technicians to fix: we only have to recalibrate the thermostat with special equipment. (You may have a more serious trouble with the thermostat, which will either require bigger repairs or a replacement.)

The outside cabinet is blocked

Go to the outdoor condenser (the outside cabinet of the AC) to check that it’s clear on all sides. Leaves and branches and plants growing too close to it will restrict the air conditioner’s ability to cool down the house. You can even give it a gentle wash with a hose—just not on high pressure!

The AC is losing refrigerant

This is a common but serious issue with an air conditioning system, and it can sometimes occur in a system as young as 5 years. Loss of refrigerant to leaks will reduce cooling power and cause ice to start to form over the indoor coils. Eventually, lower refrigerant will place the whole air conditioner in jeopardy as it threatens the compressor with burning out. This is a repair issue for professionals only.

“For a Comfortable Way of Life,” call Bartels Heating & Cooling. We have a 24-hour service team ready to assist with your air conditioning system.

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