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Reasons to Look into Carrier Greenspeed Technology

The technology of furnaces, air conditioners, and heat pumps continues to surge forward each year. The furnaces of today have an energy efficiency far superior to models manufactured a mere ten years ago. If you are thinking about making a change in your home’s comfort system, now is an excellent time to look into the cutting edge technology available.

One of the best advances in heating and cooling is Carrier’s Greenspeed technology. We’ll explain why you should consider a heat pump or furnace in Hamilton, OH equipped with Greenspeed Intelligence. Call Bartels Heating & Cooling, your local Carrier dealer, for more information and to schedule a great installation.

What is Carrier Greenspeed technology?

Carrier, the company that invented mechanical air conditioning over a hundred years ago, constantly strives to lead the industry in innovation. Greenspeed Intelligence is an exciting recent advance in heating and cooling from Carrier that combines whisper-quiet operation, high energy-efficient performance, and ideal comfort.

Greenspeed Intelligence is designed to pair with the Carrier Infinity product line, such as the modulating Infinity 98 gas furnace or the variable-speed Infinity 20 heat pump, and improve upon their existing Infinity systems. Greenspeed can control the heating or cooling system to run at anywhere from 40% to 100% capacity depending on a home’s current needs, which results in better comfort levels and a significant reduction in power use. With variable speed, the system runs longer but at a steadier capacity, so it can operate at 40% capacity most of the time while maintaining the ideal level of heating or cooling for your home.

The amount of energy you can save with Greenspeed Intelligence is significant: the Infinity 20 heat pump with Greenspeed enhancement can run up to 69% more efficiently than other forced-air heat pumps.

Other benefits you’ll receive with Greenspeed: quiet operation from the reduced capacity, precision temperature control, and easier addition of air purifiers and humidifiers.

Call to find out more about Greenspeed technology

Are you interested in having installation of a heat pump or furnace in Hamilton, OH equipped with the Greenspeed difference? At Bartels Heating & Cooling, we have the equipment and skills necessary to install a heating/cooling system with Greenspeed so you can enjoy years of high efficiency and serene comfort. We are local Carrier dealers and can handle all your needs for home comfort.

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