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Service Your Air Conditioner Already? Experts Say Yes!

service-timeWe get it. Life is hectic, you’ve got a lot going on, and it seems impossible to stay on top of everything. These are perfectly relatable issues, but the fact remains that certain priorities really cannot be shifted to the back burner. Our Cincinnati, OH HVAC professionals are here to tell you that failure to keep up with the services that your AC needs can have some pretty serious consequences.

You need a dependable, effective, and efficient performance from your air conditioner throughout the summer season. You shouldn’t settle for just one or two of those attributes. If you push your luck and your air conditioner itself further than you should, though, you’ll be lucky to enjoy any of them! Here are a few tips regarding why prompt AC service practices are in your best interest.

Get That Tune-Up Done, ASAP!

Okay, you may be thinking, it’s not that hot yet. I’ll put my air conditioning tune-up off a little while longer until it’s more convenient. What could it matter?

A lot, it turns out.

The whole point of annual, preventative air conditioning maintenance is to prevent issues from developing before you put that air conditioner back into use for the year. If you skip even one tune-up, you could be looking at trouble. For instance:

  • There may be an existing problem with your system that maintenance would turn up.
  • Your air conditioner may be costing more to run than it should right from the first start-up.
  • Very “minor” issues like insufficient lubrication will start to put wear and tear on your air conditioner right away.

Just because your air conditioner was still working at the end of the last cooling season does not mean that your system is going to be workingn properly at the start of this one. Why not go ahead and enroll in our Residential Energy Savings Agreement to take the hassle out of scheduling maintenance while enjoying many added benefits, in the meantime?

Need Repairs? Then Schedule Them!

Sorry, we didn’t mean to shout. Well, actually, we did, hence the exclamation point. The real point here is that this advice needs to be heard! (Oops, there we go again.)

If you think that you can put off your air conditioning repairs because the problem just is not that serious yet, then you are well on your way to requiring more serious repairs. No, a strange noise coming from your AC doesn’t mean you need to schedule emergency repairs in the middle of the night. It does mean that there is something wrong, though.

The fact that you can live with any given symptom does not mean that your air conditioner can. Trust us, we’ve repaired plenty of air conditioners damaged more due to the duration of an initial problem than the effects of the problem itself. Any issue with your air conditioner can lead to further issues; this is a system, remember, and each of its individual parts has an important role to play.

Schedule your AC services with Bartels Heating & Cooling.

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