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Simple Tips for Boosting AC Efficiency

house-money-seesawWhile temperatures in our area may not quite as blistering as those in, say, Arizona, the fact remains that it gets plenty hot enough for you to be running your air conditioner in heavy rotation throughout the summer season. Much as we’d love to tell you otherwise, that comfort you’re after does come at a cost. While we cannot somehow procure you free air conditioning,  however, we do have some tips that should help you to enjoy more efficient and affordable air conditioning.

Now, we know what some of you may be thinking. Oh, great. Here comes the sales pitch. Quite the opposite, don’t you worry! We are not going to tell you that the only way to enjoy a more affordable AC performance is to replace your entire system with a high-efficiency AC. That is one great course of action if you can swing it, but today we’re looking at some very easy ways to boost AC instead!

Keeping Cool (with Lower Costs)

So you want to live comfortably, eh? Well,  we think that is a right that every homeowner has. It should not come down to a decision between your comfort and a fear of high energy costs. There is no reason why you cannot boost the efficiency of your existing system a bit if you take some care in the way that you use it. Let our Middletown, OH HVAC service professionals fill you in on some easy tips.

  1. Ceiling Fans—Use ‘Em if You Got ‘Em! Those ceiling fans, while they may look nice, are not just there for aesthetics. They are there to help you keep cool! They won’t actively cool the air the way that an AC would, of course. However, they can help to keep cool air circulating throughout the house, meaning that you’ll be more comfortable and can turn up the thermostat a bit.
  2. Air DuctsDefinitely Seal ‘Em if You Got ‘Em! (Leaks, that is.) Leaky ductwork is among the most common of all problems that can seriously reduce energy efficiency when either heating or cooling a home. If you use a ducted HVAC system, then you absolutely must make sure that your air ducts are properly sealed.
  3. Schedule Annual Maintenance. If you have an AC, then you need to schedule annual maintenance. No fun and games with this one—we’re just stating a well-known fact in the industry. An air conditioner that is not kept in prime working condition with routine maintenance is simply not an air conditioner that is going to excel in its overall performance quality.

Oh, and if you’re wondering who you should schedule your maintenance services with, we’ll give you a hint—you’re in the right place! Our goal is your 100% satisfaction with your air conditioner and the services that we offer. Be sure to check out the benefits of our maintenance program, too. With our technicians in your corner, you’ll get the best that you’re particular AC has to offer.

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