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Ways to Help Keep Your Gas Furnace Running Safely

natural-gas-furnace-burnerNatural gas furnaces are in millions of homes around the country—that should be enough to tell you that, as long as a furnace is properly cared for, it isn’t an automatic danger for a household. The modern gas furnace has safety features and is designed to run within strict parameters for protecting a home. 

Of course, it’s possible for a furnace to malfunction or run into issues that can create hazards from gas leaks or combustion. Prevention is the best tool you have to keep your furnace running safely through the winter. In this post, we have some important safety tips to use for the safest possible season with your gas furnace. 

Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance

We’ll say it three more times if we have to: maintenance, maintenance, maintenance. This professional inspection and tune-up is the best way to ensure safe operation from a furnace. All HVAC contractors recommend annual maintenance done in the fall. If you’ve already had maintenance done for your furnace, you’re way ahead of the curve. If not, it’s not too late to have it done! Call us ASAP to schedule this vital service. 

Clear the area around the furnace

Furnaces in Ohio are usually placed in basements or other out-of-the way rooms. These are also spots where people like to store items—and this can create a risky situation if the items are close to the furnace and may catch fire. We advise you keep the area around your furnace clear for at least a foot. Be cautious not to store highly combustible items, such as paint thinner, anywhere near the furnace. 

Regularly change the furnace filter

The furnace filter becomes clogged after one to three months in place, and it will harm system efficiency if not changed. But a clogged filter can also create dangers, such as leading to the furnace overheating or the lint caught in the filter catching fire, so please stay on top of the routine filter changes.

Never delay repair needs

When the furnace starts to act oddly, which can mean strange sounds or a drop in heating power, don’t hesitate to call for furnace repair in West Chester, OH. What seems like “minor” trouble, such as loud clicking sounds or an odd odor from the vents, could actually point toward an issue with gas flow or a cracked heat exchanger, and these are potentially serious safety problems. The sooner you have the furnace checked and repaired, the safer you’ll be. (You’ll also be at a lower risk of the furnace suddenly failing.)

Use carbon monoxide detectors and check them routinely

A home that uses natural gas for any purpose must have CO detectors installed in key areas. This is necessary to warn of carbon monoxide leaks, which are colorless, odorless, and tasteless. You can purchase free-standing detectors or have electricians install them. If you already have detectors, test them every six months and change their batteries when necessary. (This is important even for hard-wired detectors in case of a power outage.) We also advise getting new detectors every six years, as they can wear down.

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