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Why Isn’t My Geothermal System Cooling?

The middle of August is no time to have a problem with your cooling system, but the truth is that the AC part of your HVAC system is more likely to break when it is working its hardest. But you don’t have to panic or worry when your geothermal system isn’t cooling as it should; all you have to do is pick up the phone and call the geothermal experts at Bartels Heating & Cooling and schedule a repair appointment for your geothermal system in Oxford, OH.

Reasons Your Geothermal System May Not Be Cooling

There are a number of reasons that can cause your geothermal system to provide low cooling or no cooling:

  • The air filter in the heat pump is clogged – heat pumps work by transferring heat from one location to another; in order to do this, there has to be enough air flow in the system to allow the heat pump to move the warm air. A clogged air filter will actually restrict the air in your system, causing the volume of air in your system to decrease and possibly for other problems to develop.
  • There are issues with the compressor – the compressor in your ground-source heat pump pressurizes the environmentally-friendly anti-freeze in your system; if there are problems with the compressor, there will be problems with cooling your home.
  • There is a leak somewhere in the system – if there’s an anti-freeze leak in your system, this can cause problems with the heat release/cooling process in your ground-source heat pump.

Always Hire an Experienced Geothermal Expert

Geothermal systems work in a unique way, which is why it’s important to hire professionals who have experience with these kinds of systems. The pros at Bartels Heating & Cooling have years of experience working on geothermal systems, so call us anytime your geothermal system needs repair!

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