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Your Boiler Isn’t Firing Up, Here’s What It Means


How’s your boiler going to deliver warmth without heat? You turn it on, it doesn’t fire up. You turn it up, and nothing happens.

Okay, we’ve established one thing: there’s a problem with your boiler. But is the solution clear, or are there bigger problems beneath the surface? It’s tricky to say over a blog post, but we’ll do our best.

With a boiler not igniting, it isn’t as simple as checking the pilot light. Most homeowners know  how to do that, and many boilers don’t use pilot lights anymore. These other problems could be getting in the way of you, and a warm home.

Boiler Pressure Problem

Your boiler could just also have low water pressure. This is something that happens over time as your boiler ages and pieces become a little bit looser.

There are ways to remedy this at home, but if you don’t feel comfortable tinkering with the pressure of your boiler, that’s completely understandable.

It’s also possible for your boiler’s pressure to be too high. While you won’t run into problems with your boiler not starting, it’s still something you should look out for if you’re going to learn how to check on your boiler’s pressure anyway.

The Pilot Light Went Out

This can happen from time to time for older boilers that use pilot lights. (Newer boilers have electronic ignitions systems, which are more reliable.) A draft or gust of wind can be powerful enough to blow out your pilot light, or it could just be old and very finicky.

However, you can’t just light the pilot on your own. With older boilers, you’ll have to look into the unit to see if the pilot is out. Your best bet is to restart your boiler manually. If that doesn’t relight the pilot light, it’s time to call for repair.

Thermostat Problem

Let’s not rule out your thermostat, either. It seems like the problem is with the boiler, but in reality the thermostat could be sending the wrong information to the boiler in the first place.

If that’s the case, your thermostat needs an inspection. There’s a chance that it’s miscalibrated, but if the problem is worse than that, then it’s important to consider a replacement and talk to your technician about options.

It Might Just Be Off

It may feel embarrassing, but that’s why we look these things up on blog posts before we get on the phone, right? Check and make sure that your boiler is switched on.

It’s often the most simple solutions that sit right under our noses. It’s so simple that it can’t possibly be it. Whether a breaker was flipped or the switch was pressed by mistake, we’ll never know, but entertain the idea that it’s simply off when it shouldn’t be.

It’s Never a Simple Fix, Is It?

There are many reasons your boiler could be experiencing trouble. Fortunately, for those problems you can’t diagnose or solve on your own, you have us. Contact us today to set something up as soon as possible and we’ll get a technician to your home to take a look at your boiler.

Contact Bartels Heating & Cooling today to schedule your next boiler repair or maintenance call.

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