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3 Ways to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

We want to make sure that every homeowner in the area has access to cleaner air, so that allergies, asthma, respiratory issues, and illness are no longer so much of a concern. When you decide to take control of your air quality, call the local HVAC contractors at Bartels Heating & Cooling in the Hamilton, OH area. We’re always happy to offer helpful advice.

Check out 3 of the recommendations we make most for homeowners hoping to boost the quality of the air they breathe and make their homes healthier places to be.

Keep a Cleaner Home

Step one for making your air quality inside of your home a little bit cleaner is to keep your home cleaner. We know that you do everything you can to keep your home clean and neat, but people can drag in allergens by accident on their clothing and shoes.

Enforce a shoe removal policy upon entrance of the house. Remove outerwear after spending a lot of time outdoors and wash promptly. Vacuum carpets and upholstered furniture each week, and do so slowly to keep dust from kicking up into the air.

Install a Better Filter

Your air filter might be effective enough to take a lot of particles out of the air that cause your symptoms to act up the most, but it might not get all of them. You can upgrade your air filter by looking for one with a higher MERV rating (minimum efficiency reporting value). However, we recommend contacting a technician first to make sure your new filter does not block airflow coming into your system, harming efficiency.

Get a Whole-Home Air Purifier

A whole-house air purifier is installed in the HVAC system in order to clean particles out of all of the air circulating throughout the home. There are a couple of different types of air purifier:

  • UV Air Purifier – Kills bacteria, mold spores, and viruses moving through the air and sterilizes them so that they are no longer harmful to your health.
  • Electronic Air Cleaner – Removes more particles than most filters can by charging them so that they become attracted to a surface of the opposite charge within the system.

Call Bartels Heating & Cooling to find out which indoor air quality system is right for your home in Hamilton, OH.

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