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Do You Have Enough Air Filtration?

Every air conditioning and heating system that heats up air and moves it through the vents should have an air filter. This filter serves two major purposes. It can clean the air of some of the allergens and irritants that fill it. But its major design purpose is to protect the air conditioning system from the potential damage of incoming debris.

That’s why, sometimes, the air filter doesn’t provide enough protection for your worst allergy and asthma symptoms. An air filter might be powerful enough to remove larger debris, but not tiny mold spores or viruses in the air. It could be time for an upgrade.

Adding a Whole-Home Air Quality System to Your HVAC System

You can supplement your air conditioning system with a whole-house indoor air quality system so that many of the particles your filter misses get taken out of the airstream. Installed in the ducts, this system traps particles before they make it out into the air.

An air purifier or air filtration system is more effective than a standard home air filter. But if it’s not installed properly, it could block some of the airflow from coming into your system. That’s why it’s so important to have professionals install a filtration system for you. It’s also important to note that you still need to change your air filter every month!

Your Indoor Air Quality Options

You have many options to help control your indoor air quality, and we recommend consulting with a local HVAC specialist beforehand to help you make a decision.

  • An Air Filtration System – More powerful than a standard media filter, this filtration system does not need to be replaced as often and can help remove pollen, pet dander, and other allergens.
  • Electronic Air Cleaners – An extremely powerful system, ionization charges particles in the air, so that they are attracted to metal plates within the system of the opposite charge.
  • UV Germicidal Lights – The ultraviolet light kills off bacteria, viruses, and mold spores so that they are no longer harmful to breathe in.

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