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4 Things to Know When Shopping for a New Furnace

We know it can be difficult to tell what direction to go in when you’re looking around for a new furnace. You might be unsure of where to start or which type of furnace is right for your home. You may be worried that you’re getting ripped off with a furnace that claims to be more efficient than others on the market. If you want to make sure you get the right furnace for your home, check out our expert advice.

#1: Efficiency certainly matters

How efficient your furnace is will determine how manageable your bills will be for the next several years. The utility savings really do add up, and we strongly recommend getting the most efficient furnace within your budget.

Check the AFUE rating to see how efficient your system is. The closer to 100% AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency), the less it will cost to run. Keep in mind, however, that an electric furnace will cost more to run, no matter how efficient it is, due to the high cost of electricity. A more economical electric heating system is a heat pump.

#2: Variable speed settings improve efficiency even more

Dual-stage and variable speed furnaces are more efficient and better at keeping temperatures accurate throughout the home. The furnace readjusts as needed to provide more or less heat, rather than simply shutting off and then turning on at one consistent speed. This helps to keep temperatures within 1° or 2° of the thermostat settings, allows for quieter operation, and reduces cold spots in the home.

#3: The size of your furnace affects its overall lifespan

There is only one furnace size out there that is right for your home. If the heating capacity of your system is not sufficient, your furnace will do a poor job of heating your home and will likely become overworked quickly. If it’s too large, the furnace may short cycle, turning on and off too frequently and wearing down the components.

#4: Professional technicians are always your best bet

They can talk you through the installation, see that you have the right one for your home, install the system safely, and sign you up for a maintenance program. Call professional technicians to learn more about your options and make sure you get the right furnace for your family.

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