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Your Boiler Isn’t Keeping Up—Let’s Find Out Why

large-boilerIf you feel colder in your house than normal this winter to the point that you’re putting on heavy layers of clothing, nudging up the thermostat to much higher temperatures, and listening to family members complain about their rooms feeling like iceboxes, the trouble may be a heating system that’s struggling to keep up.

In this post we’re going to look at boiler systems specifically: why might a boiler start falling behind at its job? We’ll look at the more common reasons so you’ll know when to call for heating repair in Middletown, OH from our experts. Not all local contractors service boilers. We do!

Simple thermostat problems

When the boiler isn’t providing sufficient heat, always make a check on the programming of the thermostat. Maybe someone adjusted it without you knowing about it. If you can’t find a simple setting error, please don’t raise the temperature higher than normal to attempt to compensate for the loss of heat. This can make the situation worse and doesn’t address the core problem—whatever it turns out to be.

Complex thermostat problems

A thermostat that is miscalibrated will read incorrect temperatures for the house. If the thermostat is detecting higher temperatures, it will shut off the boiler earlier than it should before the heating system can properly distribute comfort. HVAC technicians have the tools to recalibrate a thermostat, or they may recommend you have a new one installed if that’s the more cost-effective route.

Blocked or corroded pipes

Is the heating around the house uneven? If some rooms are colder than others, you may have problems with blockages in the pipes that prevent hot water from reaching some of the radiators, baseboard heaters, or in-floor pipes. Corrosion on older pipes can also create a sludge that slows down water flow. Professional boiler repair technicians can solve these problems.

Low pressure

A boiler must maintain a steady water pressure to work effectively. Too high, and it will damage the pipes and lead to leaking. Too low, and it will affect heat levels. Pressure can drop because of leaking or a malfunction with the pressure relief valve. Either requires the services of heating repair experts. If you see signs of water leaking from the boiler, don’t wait—shut off the system and call for heating technicians.

Undersized boiler

A new boiler that isn’t providing the heat you think it should may have been incorrectly installed. A boiler must be sized to handle the heating requirements of a home and the people in it. An amateur installer can easily put in a boiler that’s too small and can’t keep up with demands. The only solution to this is to have a licensed pro replace it.

Over-the-hill boiler

A boiler that’s more than 20 years old is at a high risk of beginning to fail. When your household struggles to keep comfortable in winter, it’s often a big red flag that the boiler needs to be replaced. Call our technicians and they’ll provide you with an expert opinion on whether you should repair or replace.

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