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Is Duct Sealing Really Helpful?

duct-sealing-with-caulkingNot only is duct sealing helpful, in situations of major duct leakage it’s a necessity. Going without it means paying more to heat and cool your house, creating extra strain on the HVAC system, a shorter life for the heater and AC, unhealthy and poor-smelling air in the house, and other problems.

We know why people wonder about the usefulness of duct sealing. It’s because ducts are hard to see. This makes it difficult to visualize the ducts needing to have any repairs in the first place. When you see damage to a wall or dying grass on the lawn, it’s a signal to do something about it. The only warning signs you’ll have that your ducts are in trouble are second-hand issues that might be from other troubles. These include higher energy bills and hot/cold spots around the house.

The best way to catch duct leakage is with regular duct testing. If you’ve never had technicians examine your ventilation system for leaks, we strongly recommend you schedule this HVAC service in Lebanon, OH with our team.

The Rewards of Duct Sealing

Let’s break down the major benefits of having professionals seal leaky ductwork in your house.

  • Energy savings: Small leaks in ducts can add up to a big loss of the conditioned air moving through them. In fact, the loss can be up to 30%, almost a third of the air you’ve already paid to heat and cool. The air escapes to places like the attic and between the walls. Do you want to pay extra to heat and cool the attic? Of course not, and duct sealing will stop this energy waste and get your bills under control.
  • Healthier HVAC system: The loss of air through leaks forces the heater, AC, and blower to work harder to make up the difference. This isn’t good for all the mechanical parts in the HVAC system—they’ll wear down faster and start to fail earlier. Not only will you deal with more repairs, you may have to replace the furnace, heater, or air handlers years early.
  • Better indoor air quality: Any leak in the ducts can allow air from closed-in spaces of the house to seep in. Dust, sawdust, even mold spores can infiltrate the air circulated around the house and reduce indoor air quality. The leaks also alter humidity, which does no good for your comfort. Sealed ducts create better air for your household.
  • Even heating and cooling: When part of the volume of the air heading to a room slips out into the void through a ductwork hole, the room receives less heating and cooling. One of the main reasons for hot and cold spots in the house is duct leaks. If you’ve got trouble with uneven heating, duct sealing may be the solution.

If you have noticed signs of leaky ducts or haven’t had the ducts checked in years, schedule service with our team. We’ll find what’s wrong and fix it.

“For a Comfortable Way of Life,” call Bartels Heating & Cooling for duct sealing and other HVAC services in Hamilton, OH and the surrounding areas.

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