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Can I Skip a Boiler Tune Up This Year?

We get this question often, from homeowners who aren’t too certain this service is really necessary each year. Others think that, since their boiler is new, it shouldn’t have any problems yet. And others simply don’t want to pay for a service if they aren’t sure it’s necessary.

But annual boiler service is preventative. It’s not meant to solve any problems that are noticeable now, but to prevent issues from coming up when you need the heat to work the most—the middle of winter. And too many homeowners learn this the hard way.

How Boiler Tune-Ups Protect Your Heater and Your Home

A boiler tune-up includes an inspection of the system along with a tune-up that may help to improve the performance of the unit. Sometimes, problems are caught early on, broken parts that need repair now so that you don’t have to go without heat in the winter. And this is certainly a relief.

But if there is nothing major wrong within the system, you are not necessarily protected from system failure in extreme temperatures. A thorough tune-up of the system helps prevent this. Key adjustments slow wear and tear and keep your system running smoothly for longer.

You Can Save Some Money

Because a tune-up can help the components of your heating system run more smoothly, efficiency is improved when you schedule professional service. And many local companies offer heating and air conditioning maintenance programs that help you save even more.

Stay Safe and Comfortable for Longer

Annual heating tune-ups offer so many benefits for every homeowner, no matter how old the heating equipment is. Studies have shown that heaters that receive regular service are more likely to require less energy to run and can run more smoothly throughout the year, and for many years to come. Regularly clearing sediment from the bottom of the tank and other routine tasks can increase the overall lifespan of a boiler and its components.

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