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The Truth about Electric Heating Systems

People find lots of different ways to stay warm when the cold picks up. While you might love to huddle up by the fire with a blanket on, many homeowners don’t have this option. And so, they have to seek out an alternative.

Electric heating systems are sometimes preferable to gas heating, due to the lower risk to your home and family, since you don’t have to worry so much about carbon monoxide or gas leaks. But there are some things we think you should know about the different kinds of electric heating systems available to you.

Issues with Space Heaters

Space heaters—plug-in heaters that use electric resistance heat to warm a small space—can be a solution when you need heat quickly. However, there are a lot of problems with space heaters.

  • They can be dangerous, sparking thousands of fires each year.
  • They cannot heat a whole home or a large space.
  • Because they run constantly and generate heat, they are not more cost-effective. You’ll notice a major spike in your bills if you use space heaters often.

We recommend that you use space heaters sparingly, if at all, and turn down the thermostat when you do.

High-Efficiency Electric Heaters Can Still Cost a Lot to Run

If you’re shopping for a new heater, you might become interested an electric furnace that claims to be high-efficiency. But even a furnace with a 100% AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) rating will have a high cost of operation, simply because electricity costs so much more than many other fuel sources.

An Electric Heat Pump Uses Less Energy

If you’re looking for a whole-home heating system that runs on electricity, a heat pump is likely your best bet. A heat pump uses refrigerant to move heat from place to place. It’s like an air conditioner that can also move in reverse, bringing heat into a space as well as moving it out. And moving heat is more efficient than generating heat by conventional means, which translates to lower energy costs.

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