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Do You Have a Heat Pump? It’s Almost Fall Maintenance Time


Your heat pump did plenty of work this summer keeping your family cool, and as we head into the cooler times of the fall, you’ll think about your heat pump less and less—until you really need it again as the winter cold weather starts. Then it’s time to switch your heat pump into heating mode and ensure your family stays warm and safe.

Right now, when you might let your heat pump slip from your mind, is the best time to call our technicians and schedule that important heat pump maintenance.

“But my heat pump already had maintenance this year”

If you scheduled maintenance for your heat pump in the spring, that’s great. This is a critical service to ensure the system can deliver reliable and affordable cool air to your home through the summer. But a heat pump isn’t an air conditioner that only runs during the summer. It’s similar to an AC, but it can also run in reverse to provide heating. For maintenance purposes, you need to treat it as both an AC and a heater, and that means it must have a heating inspection and tune-up in the fall to prepare it for the winter. Your heat pump uses the same components to heat your house as it just used all summer, so you’ll want the unit in the best possible shape through maintenance.

This is a crucial investment in your heat pump’s service life

There are many benefits to keeping current with heat pump maintenance (twice annually), but one of the most important is that it protects your investment in your home comfort. Without maintenance, a heat pump will wear down rapidly under the demands of summer and winter, and this can lead to the system failing many years too early. In fact, where a heat pump with maintenance can often make it to 15 years of efficienct and effective work, a heat pump without maintenance may fail in half that time.

Protecting your wallet

Maintenance saves you money in several ways, such as helping to stop an early system replacement. Some of the other ways it saves you money is with greater energy efficiency throughout the heat pump’s life and a reduction in heat pump repair needs. More than half of the repairs a heat pump may need during its service life are preventable with bi-annual maintenance. That same level of maintenance will allow a heat pump to retain 95% of its original energy efficiency through all but the last one or two years of its life, so you won’t have to shell out more for the same performance—or inferior performance.

Protecting your time and comfort

Finally, heat pump maintenance helps to stop time wasted trying to arrange for repairs you could’ve avoided and from the discomfort of having your valuable heating abruptly fail on you during one of the coldest days of the year. This peace of mind is one of the best benefits of sticking with heat pump maintenance twice a year.

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