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Do You Have a Maintenance Plan for Your Commercial HVAC System?

rooftop-unit-commercialThe HVAC system for your business works for you each day of operations, no matter the weather outside. That’s an amazing amount of stress to place on the heating, cooling, and ventilation systems. You can always call for repairs when you have problems with part of the system, but wouldn’t you rather not have to do that?

Avoiding unnecessary repairs is only one of the reasons why we recommend you arrange for regular maintenance for your commercial HVAC in Fairfield, OH. A maintenance plan for your heating, cooling, and ventilation system is an important part of protecting your investment in this equipment, which is also an investment in the ongoing success of your business. If you have ever had to deal with a failed AC during a summer day, you’ll understand why this is so important. 

Below we’ll go over the benefits of arranging for a maintenance program with our commercial HVAC technicians. 

Fewer repairs

We already mentioned this, but it definitely bears repeating. The majority of malfunctions that a piece of HVAC equipment may require during its service life are due to lack of regular maintenance. That means you can eliminate more than half of the repair calls you’d need to make because you have routine inspections and tune-ups done for the equipment. 

Lower risk of downtime

A broken AC in summer or heating system in winter can bring your business to a halt, whether it’s because it keeps customers away, makes it impossible for employees to work, or causes damage to equipment. Maintenance is an important defense against sudden equipment failures that will create this downtime, especially if done right before major periods of hot and cold weather (in spring and fall). 

Extended equipment life

Without maintenance, HVAC equipment wears down significantly faster. In fact, lack of routine maintenance can halve the service life of heaters, fans, and air conditioners. Where the standard rooftop AC unit can run from 10 to 15 years before needing a replacement, that number could drop to 5 to 8—and that’s an expensive loss of years from equipment. 

Better energy efficiency

A large amount of money goes to running your HVAC equipment each month—as much as 40% of annual energy consumption. If that equipment starts to lose its energy efficiency and drain more power than normal, it can create enormous cost rises. What maintenance does is prevent efficiency declines over most of the HVAC equipment’s service life. You can expect the equipment to work at 95% of its original efficiency until near the point when it will need a replacement. 

Warranty protection

The manufacturers’ warranties on your HVAC equipment may only be valid if the equipment has routine professional service. If the warranty is voided, you may be forced to pay for repairs or replacements that the warranty would have otherwise covered. 

It’s not difficult to get great maintenance for your commercial HVAC system: simply get in touch with us! Our team is up to date with the latest technology and can ensure that your business has the best care for its climate control system. 

Call Bartels Heating & Cooling “For a Comfortable Way of Life”! 

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