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Have You Scheduled Heating Maintenance Yet?

We are at that time of year where the days are warm and comfortable and the nights are just chilly enough to need a blanket. It may not be time to fire up your heating system yet, but it will be soon, and you want to make sure that no matter what type of heating system you have, it is ready to work and work well. The best way to ensure that this happens is to call the HVAC experts at Bartels Heating & Cooling and schedule an appointment for heating maintenance for your home in West Chester, OH.

Why Is It That Important?

There are a few reasons why annual maintenance for your heating system is so important. The first one is that for every year your heating system isn’t maintained, it loses 5% of its overall efficiency. This loss of efficiency will just continue to grow over time. A second reason that annual maintenance is important is that many warranties require it for the warranty to stay in force. Many warranties last 5 to 10 years; you could literally lose thousands of dollars just because heating maintenance wasn’t performed on your system. But professional maintenance offers even more than good energy efficiency and warranty coverage; it also keeps your system in good working order. This means that your system will run optimally throughout the winter because the wear and tear of last season won’t drag the system down. The maintenance appointment also gives your technician the opportunity to inspect for any developing or outstanding issues that may cause problems down the road; with maintenance you can get ahead of these problems.

No homeowner wants to turn on the heating system for the first time only to find that it isn’t working well, or that it isn’t working at all. Let our pros perform maintenance on your heating system so you can the peace of mind knowing that your system is up to par for the winter season.

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