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Is Your Generator Ready for Winter Weather?

While many homes still have their air conditioning running, we have to face an inevitable truth: fall is almost here. It can be easy to go from September to December in the blink of an eye, which is why we want to ask: is your generator ready for the winter season? We certainly hope you won’t need your generator this winter, but it would be a far worse scenario to need it and not have it work. The generator experts at Bartels Heating & Cooling can help ensure that this won’t be the case when you schedule us for generator maintenance.

Why Generator Maintenance Is Important

Hopefully your generator has been doing a lot of sitting. However, while this is good news for you, it’s isn’t so great for your generator. When any large mechanical items sits, its components become covered in dust and dirt and lubricants like oil can break down. Attempting to run a generator that has these issues can be tough, and the generator may not turn over at all. When our experts come to work on your generator, they will inspect the entire unit and perform such tasks as:

  • Cleaning
  • Changing of all filters
  • Changing of spark plugs
  • Check of all wiring and connections
  • Testing of the system

But generator maintenance isn’t just about ensuring that your generator works when needed; it is also about making sure your generator works optimally and works for a good, long time. Maintenance keeps your generator in good working order so that it isn’t stressed when running and keeps the various components in good shape and ready to work.

We have some time before winter hits Oxford, OH, but don’t wait too long to have your generator maintained. Our experts are ready to go – just give us a call!

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