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How Humidity Affects Your Air Conditioning System

The humidity in the air is not limited to the outdoors. If there’s a high amount of water vapor in the outdoor air, it’s probably carrying over to the indoors as well. And, if you don’t take care of it, the humidity could affect your air conditioner as well. Read about two common problems caused by high levels of moisture in the air in the guide below, then check out how you can maintain your system to prevent these issues.

Higher Chance of a Freezing Coil

When it’s particularly humid outside, it’s possible that the coil on the inside of your AC blower unit is more likely to freeze. Typically, this indicates another problem with the system, but it’s not a good thing. If the excess water vapor in the air leads to a buildup of ice in your air conditioning system, be sure to call in a technician ASAP.

Potential for Water Leaks

There’s also the potential that, with high amounts of humidity, the condensate drain could overfill. Moisture builds up on the cold evaporator coil as warm, humid air moves over it. The higher the humidity, the more condensation builds up. And if your drainage system is in poor shape, it’s more likely for it to overflow—though this is typically caused by debris clogging up the drain.

Maintain Your Air Conditioner Properly

One of the most important things you can do for your air conditioning system is to change the filter once a month. A dirty filter blocks airflow into the indoor air handler. When there’s not enough warm air coming in, it’s more likely for the coil to freeze. And it’s even more likely if there’s a lot of moisture on the coil—caused by high amounts of humidity.

You should also schedule AC maintenance once a year. This is usually done early on in the year, so that a technician can get your system into shape for the summer and carry out tasks like cleaning out the condensate drain to prevent overflowing. Call your local technicians for more information.

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