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Upgrade to Energy Efficient AC Equipment Today

We don’t want you to compromise on your home comfort. That’s why we install energy-efficient comfort equipment that helps you to save money over the years and offers a level of performance beyond what you would expect. It’s also why we offer financing option. We hope that local homeowners don’t feel stuck with inefficient HVAC equipment, so read on to learn how you can save with high-efficiency AC units.

Choose a Quality Company

It’s important to note that your air conditioner will not run efficiently if it is not properly installed. You might be shocked to find that a high-efficiency unit runs inefficiently after installation, and while this could be due to faulty equipment (which might have a warranty) it could also be an amateur installation job (which often voids warranties). Choose licensed technicians who will spend time with you picking out a new system and carefully installing it.

Put Efficiency First

When you’re comparing units, it’s tempting to go for a system that seems to be more manageable pricewise. We know that the price tag on an inefficient air conditioner is appealing, but the initial savings just aren’t worth it in the long run. You get what you pay for, and chances are that you’ll have a system that costs a lot to run (in terms of energy usage) and that needs frequent repairs.

Confirm that your technician knows exactly what size of air conditioner you need. There is not flexibility in terms of sizing, as only one is right for your home. An oversized or undersized air conditioner can run into a lot of issues requiring frequent repairs.

Then, check the SEER ratings of the air conditioners you are choosing, and be sure to pick one with an efficiency rating higher than the minimum—13 SEER. Remember, you can always apply for financing to give you easy monthly payments and make things simpler for you.

Call Bartels Heating & Cooling to upgrade to energy efficient AC equipment today in Mason, OH.

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