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How Important Is It That I Change My Air Filter?

Your HVAC system’s air filter is likely not something you think about very often. There are many things about your air conditioner that should be left to a professional to inspect, service, and repair. However, your air filter is not one of these things. Changing your air filter is one task that not only can you do on your own, you should be doing on a regular basis. Doing so is vital to your cooling system’s performance and efficiency.

Why Should I Change It?

You may assume that it’s alright to have your air filter changed during each maintenance appointment. But even if you have this done semi-annually rather than once a year, this is too long to go between filter changes.

The air filter that comes standard with your system is designed to protect its inside components. If your air filter is dirty and/or clogged, then your air conditioner has to work harder to achieve the cooling effect that you desire. Eventually, this will wear down on your system, and your AC will no longer perform at peak efficiency.

Your air filter should be changed on a monthly basis, especially if you have an exceptional amount of pollutants or contaminants moving through your home. This can include cigarette smoke, pet dander, and more. If you are unable to change the air filter monthly, then your goal should be to change it every three months, at the very least.

How Do I Do This?

When you go to change your air filter, be sure to turn off your HVAC system first, for safety reasons. Next, you’ll have to determine what you need by looking at the number and size of air filter your system requires: this can usually be found printed on the side of your existing filter.

When it comes time for you remove the old filter, remember that it has 1-3 months’ worth of trapped allergens in it. Be sure to dispose with care. If you need assistance with your air filter change, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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