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Extreme Temperatures Test the Operation of Your Heating and AC Systems

From time to time, we like to remind the homeowners in our community how important it is to schedule professional service for an AC or heating system when it needs it, and to schedule routine services as well. We’ve had some temperature swings and unpredictable weather patterns lately, and this can overwork your heater to the point that it can break down when you least expect it. And once the AC season begins, we don’t want your air conditioner to be unprepared! Here’s our advice for keeping your HVAC (heating and air conditioning) equipment in good shape for the worst weather.

Schedule HVAC repairs at the first sign of trouble

Your heating and air conditioning systems are tough, but that doesn’t make them invincible. You might notice, over time, that there is a drop in temperatures when your heater is on, or that your air conditioner makes a funny noise as you run it. These are not issues you should ignore.

No matter how small the problem may seem to you, odd behavior means something is wrong within the system. And when a little part is in trouble, the rest of your system is in jeopardy. The parts may become overworked attempting to compensate for the loss, and the system is somewhat likely to shut down during a day of severe weather. Schedule repairs right away when you notice a problem!

Schedule Maintenance for Your AC and Your Heater

In order to prevent problems from happening altogether, or to detect issues early, we recommend scheduling annual maintenance visits for your heater (in the fall) and your air conditioner (in the spring). A visit from a technician includes an inspection and a tune-up, which may not guarantee that you don’t have any further cooling and heating issues, but does leave your system in much better condition. Many people notice fewer AC and heating problems, better performance in extreme temperatures, and lower monthly bills!

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