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How to Know When You Need to Replace Your Water Heater

Indoor plumbing was one of the first great advances for home convenience. Then came heated indoor plumbing—an amazing plus. Now we accept both as standard parts of our daily lives. Although you can expect always to have a steady supply of water entering your house (barring a serious issue with the municipal supply or break in the water main), the water heater responsible for bringing you hot water for showering, cleaning, and cooking will eventually wear down and need replacement. It’s best to watch for early signs of the decline of a water heater so you don’t get caught without hot water one day and need to schedule an emergency water heater replacement. Here are a few warnings to watch for that could indicate that the water heater is in its final days.

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Signs of a failing water heater

  • Rapidly running out of hot water: If it seems that your shower is going colder much earlier than it should, or if family members are complaining about the lack of hot water in the house, look into the age of your water heater. If it has exceeded its estimated lifespan, then the problem is likely that the system can no longer efficiently supply energy to the water. Call for technicians to see if the system can be repaired of if replacement is the more cost-effective option.
  • Rust discoloration in the water: The greatest enemy that your water heater can face is corrosion. Once rust enters the tank it will rapidly destroy the system. A water heater will resist corrosion for most of its service life, but eventually corrosion will begin to take hold, and this means the water heater must be replaced. When rust-colored water flows out of the hot water taps, it’s time to call for water heater replacement.
  • Decline in water temperature: When a water heater is too old, it will start to struggle to reach its regular temperature. If you schedule repairs, but they only restore the water temperature for a limited time, then the system has likely passed the point of no return and you should consult with a plumber regarding new installation.

You can always call for experts to look over your heater to see if it is indeed past help from targeted repairs. The professionals can help you choose a new system and install it quickly so you will have your steady supply of water returned to you.

For service or replacement for a water heater in Fairfield, OH, please call our skilled team at Bartels Heating & Cooling. We also offer 24-hour emergency repairs.

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