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It Isn’t Too Early to Think About HVAC Maintenance for Winter

dont-forget-post-itAs we’re writing this post, the temperature outside in West Chester is 82°F. Prime summer weather. Nobody wants to think about their home’s heating system at a time like this. The idea of turning on a furnace during a balmy summer day seems crazy. 

But we’re not asking you to turn on your furnace right now, only give some consideration to when you will need to have it turn on. This is the middle of August, and the official start of fall is a bit more than a month away. Fall is when we recommend our customers arrange for winter-prep HVAC maintenance. It’s not too early to start planning, since the best time to catch our technicians for this service is during the fall lull. 

Pre-winter HVAC maintenance is necessary each year

To answer the question we hear the most often about maintenance, “Yes, you must have this job every year. Don’t skip it!” We know that maintenance is yet another chore on a long list of “to-dos” you have each fall—one of the busiest seasons of the year—but we want to stress the importance of these annual tune-ups and inspections for your heating systems.

For example, here is some of what you can expect if you keep current with annual maintenance:

  • A longer life for your heater. The manufacturer’s estimated service life for your home’s heater takes maintenance into account. The heater is unlikely to make it that far without maintenance. You’ll get the longest possible effective life for your heater with regular care.
  • A warranty that stays valid. When you arrange for repairs or an early replacement for a faulty heater, the warranty covers malfunctions due to factory faults. But you must be able to show proof of regular maintenance for the heater to keep this warranty valid. The warranty is an important consumer protection you don’t want to lose.
  • More energy-efficient performance. When you have proper professional care for your heater each month, it should retain 95% of its original energy efficiency until the last one to two years of its service life. Without maintenance, it will lose around 5% of its efficiency every year—and you rapidly pay much more for the same heating. 
  • Fewer repair calls. The majority of repair problems for heating systems come from maintenance neglect. That means with regular maintenance you can zap away more than half the repairs you would need to call us for. 
  • Safer operation. We’ve saved the best for last: when you have your heater inspected each year, it helps keep it operating safely. You don’t want to take a risk of your heater becoming a danger to your household because of skipping maintenance.

Schedule your heating maintenance soon and check it off your list!

When it comes to West Chester, OH, HVAC maintenance, Bartels Heating & Cooling leads the way. We have a superb Maintenance Program that makes this service simple and straightforward each year. You’ll receive special membership perks, including discounts on repairs and priority service.

Call Bartels Heating & Cooling “For a Comfortable Way of Life”! Ask about our Maintenance Program if you are not yet a member.

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