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Warning Signs You May Need Commercial AC Repairs

air-conditiong-units-on-roofThe signs of air conditioning problems in a house aren’t often difficult to spot. Residential ACs are smaller and handle cooling limited areas, so when anything goes wrong, it will result in quick changes in indoor temperature and humidity. Even if the trouble with the home’s AC isn’t causing temperature changes yet, it’s easy to notice something going wrong with a unit when half of its components are sitting in the house itself.

Commercial spaces face a different situation with air conditioning systems on the fritz. Commercial ACs are larger, more powerful, and modular, and may start to fail in specific areas of a business rather than the whole working space at the same time. Because commercial ACs units are usually housed entirely on the roof in packaged units (in other words, they don’t have major components housed inside the building), it can be tricky to pick up on faults right away. 

How can you tell the early signs of a faulty commercial air conditioning system so you know to call for repairs? Below we’ll go over three major signs to look for. 

Uneven temperatures

Rather than notice the building simply becoming hotter, one of the first signs you may pick up is temperature fluctuations and rooms that are either too hot or too cold. (Yes, too cold is a sign of an AC problem.) Because most commercial ACs are modular, one unit failing is likely to cause certain parts of the business to experience hot spots. When you hear employees, clients, customers, etc. complaining about temperatures in specific areas, pay attention to it. 

Sounds from the vents

Just because the AC equipment is up on the roof doesn’t mean you won’t hear any sounds from it. Those sounds will come down through the ventilation system, so you’ll have to listen more carefully for them. Common warning sounds you may be able to hear through the ductwork include grinding and mechanical shrieking, which indicate motors that are burning out. 

Rising electrical costs with no simple explanation

The amount of energy a business uses to run the HVAC equipment is enormous—it can account for 25% of energy use in a commercial building. If something goes wrong with the air conditioning units during the summer, it will lower energy efficiency enough to have a significant impact on monthly energy costs. When you see a leap in electrical bills for your company that you can’t account for because of expansion, additional work, or a rise in the cost of electricity, it’s best to have experts examine the equipment. 

Call our pros to help you!

When you need fast commercial air conditioning in Cincinnati, OH to take care of AC repairs, make us the team you call. We have 24/7 service available, so you can always trust us to be here and ready to help. We want to see that your business is able to keep running and that you can get back to work. We also work with commercial heating systems and commercial generators. 

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