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What to Consider Before a New AC Installation

AC-outdoor-unitWe are just about ready to put the pin in another long, hot summer season. You know what that means? Sure, it means that you should start thinking about your heating system, getting it tuned up, etc. However, it also means that you should take some time to reflect upon your experience with your air conditioning system this past season. We’re going to give you some tips about the sort of questions you may want to ask yourself.

You may be wondering why we are advocating for this type of assessment. Well, the answer is quite simple. You may come to realize that your air conditioner is not really going to cut it for another summer. That means that it may be time for an air conditioning installation before next summer starts. For now, let our Middletown, OH HVAC pros guide you through some pre-installation questions.

First of All, Did You Maintain Your System?

We are not going to put all of the blame for a subpar cooling experience at your feet. That being said, you really cannot hold your air conditioner accountable for a lousy performance throughout the cooling season if you did nothing to get your system ready for that season. This means scheduling annual maintenance.

So, before you even start entertaining the notion of a full replacement, ask yourself this—did you have your system tuned up before the season started? Did you change the air filter regularly throughout the season? (Check in on it monthly!) If not, then have a professional come out to assess the system and, if it’s not in too bad of shape, tune it up rather than call it a lost cause!

Are You Satisfied with Efficiency Levels?

There are plenty of reasons for replacing an air conditioner that is technically in good working condition. One of the most common is if your system just isn’t efficient enough. There are various reasons why this may be the case. Not all of them have simple solutions. Upgrading a thermostat or sealing ductwork may be enough to make a tangible difference.

However, if your system has always been well-maintained and you are still not happy with efficiency levels, this assessment may push you toward a replacement. There is not really an effective way to add efficiency to a low-rated system. So definitely take the time to go over the costs of running your system this past season.

How Was Your Comfort?

This is the biggest point of consideration. How did your air conditioner do, speaking generally, keeping your home cool and comfortable this summer? You may have overlooked performance issues when you really needed your system because you did not want it to be sidelined during the cooling season.

If, upon reflection, it was coming up short, have our technicians out to take a look. It may be the end of the season, but it makes a lot of sense to have your system repaired now regardless. That way, you won’t be scrambling to schedule service when the heat of summer arrives once more. If the system is no longer worth repairing, or if it’s just the ravages of time taking their toll, then a full replacement may be your best or only option.

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