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Portable or Whole-Home: How to Pick the Right Generator

Nobody wants to experience a long-term blackout, but there are better ways to prepare for one than keeping around a few candles, some flashlights, and the hope that it doesn’t happen. Having a back-up generator for your home that’s ready to power the necessary appliances for your comfort and safety will not only protect you from power losses due to extreme weather, natural catastrophes, or utility company errors, but will provide you with the benefit of peace of mind, knowing that you are prepared.

You cannot simply pick a generator on your own and hope that it works, however. Generator selection requires knowledge of how much wattage you need to power the appliances that are most crucial to daily life. To make the selection, and for the necessary generator installation in Hamilton, OH, call on the experts at Bartels Heating & Cooling. We have NATE-certified technicians who can install both portable and whole-home generators, and they will make certain you have the ideal unit to keep your home powered through an emergency.

When a Portable Generator is a Good Idea

Roll-out portable generators (which are more powerful than the smaller units people often carry in cars) can be effective if you do not need to power the whole house, only a few basic appliances like the lights. These generators do not operate off simply plugging items into them—that’s for smaller portable generators—but must be hooked into the circuitry of a home using a transfer switch. Have a professional pick the portable model that will supply your needs (something greater than at least 1,000 watts) and show you how to connect it into your power supply.

When a Whole-Home Generator is a Better Idea

A whole-home back-up generator is a permanent installation, usually outside a house, that can supply steady power for most of a home for a few days. If you will need to run more than just lights, and if you must power a central heater or air conditioner, than you will need a whole-home generator. These units are also essential if you have people living in your household who depend on powered medical equipment. Don’t take any chances!

You also have the option for an automatic whole-home generator. These systems will turn on as soon as they detect a power outage, so you won’t have to worry about going outside to turn it on yourself. Either type of whole-home generator will need the work of skilled installers to set-up. They will also require yearly maintenance to make sure they will activate when you need them.

If you feel unsure about which type of generator is best for you, call Bartels Heating & Cooling today and let us assist you with the choice. We will find the wattage you need from your generator, and handle all the important installation work so that your generator in Hamilton, OH does the job you need to keep your household safe and comfortable through any power outage.

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