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What Happens When Your Generator Goes Down

Monday, April 24th, 2023

You bought your generator for a reason: peace of mind and security. Imagining a whole blackout that lasts for days is scary enough, but what if you have medical equipment in the home? Elderly occupants who stand a higher risk of injury if they trip and fall?

There’s a lot to unpack, but thankfully you don’t have to get nervous or upset as long as you have timely generator repair appointments to make sure your generator doesn’t fail on you. Let’s talk about what happens when your generator goes down, and how to prevent it in the future (to the best of your ability).

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Portable or Whole-Home: How to Pick the Right Generator

Thursday, August 14th, 2014

Nobody wants to experience a long-term blackout, but there are better ways to prepare for one than keeping around a few candles, some flashlights, and the hope that it doesn’t happen. Having a back-up generator for your home that’s ready to power the necessary appliances for your comfort and safety will not only protect you from power losses due to extreme weather, natural catastrophes, or utility company errors, but will provide you with the benefit of peace of mind, knowing that you are prepared.

You cannot simply pick a generator on your own and hope that it works, however. Generator selection requires knowledge of how much wattage you need to power the appliances that are most crucial to daily life. To make the selection, and for the necessary generator installation in Hamilton, OH, call on the experts at Bartels Heating & Cooling. We have NATE-certified technicians who can install both portable and whole-home generators, and they will make certain you have the ideal unit to keep your home powered through an emergency.

When a Portable Generator is a Good Idea

Roll-out portable generators (which are more powerful than the smaller units people often carry in cars) can be effective if you do not need to power the whole house, only a few basic appliances like the lights. These generators do not operate off simply plugging items into them—that’s for smaller portable generators—but must be hooked into the circuitry of a home using a transfer switch. Have a professional pick the portable model that will supply your needs (something greater than at least 1,000 watts) and show you how to connect it into your power supply.

When a Whole-Home Generator is a Better Idea

A whole-home back-up generator is a permanent installation, usually outside a house, that can supply steady power for most of a home for a few days. If you will need to run more than just lights, and if you must power a central heater or air conditioner, than you will need a whole-home generator. These units are also essential if you have people living in your household who depend on powered medical equipment. Don’t take any chances!

You also have the option for an automatic whole-home generator. These systems will turn on as soon as they detect a power outage, so you won’t have to worry about going outside to turn it on yourself. Either type of whole-home generator will need the work of skilled installers to set-up. They will also require yearly maintenance to make sure they will activate when you need them.

If you feel unsure about which type of generator is best for you, call Bartels Heating & Cooling today and let us assist you with the choice. We will find the wattage you need from your generator, and handle all the important installation work so that your generator in Hamilton, OH does the job you need to keep your household safe and comfortable through any power outage.

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Questions to Ask When Installing a Generator

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

A commercial generator is an important insurance policy for your company in the event of a long-term power loss. Power outages are especially worrisome in winter, when an extended interruption in electrical service can create immense discomfort and even health risks. Installing a commercial generator in Fairfield, OH is an investment in protecting and maintaining your commercial space in case of an emergency.

However, you cannot simply select any generator for installation and trust to luck. There are many important factors that go into finding and installing the right unit for your business. Call for professionals to handle the installation, such as the experienced team at Bartels Heating & Cooling. Have a few questions ready for your installer so that you know you will receive the ideal generator for your needs.

Some Questions to Ask the Installers About Your Generator

  • How many appliances will the generator run? Generators come in a wide variety of power levels, and you need to make sure that the one you have installed will provide enough electricity to run the appliances you most need during an outage. Every homeowner will have different needs when it comes to a loss of power: perhaps you only require the minimum, such as a few lights, the heating system, and any vital medical equipment; or maybe you want full use of all your regular appliances. Work with your installer to figure out your exact needs so he or she can install the generator that will deliver you all the electricity you require during an emergency.
  • What fuel source is my best option? Generators can run on natural gas, propane, oil, or gasoline. Which model you get will depend on a number of factors, such as the availability of municipal gas lines and the local costs of heating oil. The installer will have suggestions to help guide you toward the right fuel source for your needs, budget, and convenience.
  • How often should I have the generator maintained? A generator is only worth installing if it will come on when necessary. Because you will rarely need to use it (we hope), the generator will sit unused for most of the year, and it might develop malfunctions without you realizing it. It’s essential that you have regular maintenance scheduled to take care of the generator so that it will be ready to work when you actually need it. The installer will know the best schedule for maintenance and help you arrange it so that you will feel assured that the generator will be prepared for the next emergency.

At Bartels Heating & Cooling, we offer full service for generators: installation, repairs, and maintenance. You can reach us 24/7 for the repair work on your generator in Fairfield, OH necessary for it to do its vital job. Our technicians are NATE-certified to make sure you receive the highest quality work. Call us today to schedule service.

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What Are the Benefits of Generator Installation?

Friday, May 23rd, 2014

Storms and extreme weather conditions have made homeowners more aware than ever of the importance of having backup standby generators working to supply them with electricity during emergencies. With proper installation from experienced generator technicians, you can protect your home from both short-term and long-term power failures.

There are a number of good reasons to have a standby generator in West Chester, OH aside from keeping the lights burning when the power blinks out. Here are some of the major benefits you’ll receive from a generator that was professionally installed. Call Bartels Heating & Cooling to find out more about what a generator can do for you and how we can help you find the right model.

Advantages of standby generator installation

  • Maintain your comfort: Power outages usually occur during difficult weather conditions. Winter storms can wreck power lines, and intense heat often forces an overstressed power grid to shut down. You don’t want to lose power to your AC or heater during these periods (and even if you have a gas-powered heater, modern heaters will start up without electricity). To make it through these stretches, a generator is invaluable.
  • Prevent food from spoiling: Along with your lights and your HVAC system, the appliance you most want to stay on during a power outage is the refrigerator. Food will rapidly spoil when a refrigerator shuts off, and since it’s unlikely you will be able to make it to the store while the power is still out, keeping your food fresh and edible is a crucial part of your comf0rt.
  • Protect people with medical needs: If you have people living in your home who depend on powered medical equipment, such as an oxygen system, then having a whole-house generator can be a literal life-saver. You don’t want to take risks on a power outage when so much rides on electrical power, and a store-bought portable unit won’t offer you the assurance of making it through a lengthy power failure.

Installing a generator is a task that professionals must handle. Only trained technicians can 1) find the unit of the right size to match your home’s voltage; 2) install it so it doesn’t violate electrical codes; and 3) connect it so it will work every time you need it. Do not make this a DIY project or something you delegate to amateurs.

For fast and professional installation of a generator in West Chester, OH, give us a call today and speak with our experienced team at Bartels Heating & Cooling . We will not only install your generator, we will also offer the repairs and maintenance you may need to keep it running whenever your power supply is threatened.

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Why You Need a Generator

Monday, March 18th, 2013

More and more, homes that rely on energy supplies for everything from their telephone to their heating and cooling, experience hardship when they lose power. That’s why you need a generator. Whether portable or whole home, a generator can provide your home with electricity so that you can weather the storm safely and comfortably. Depending on your home and budget, there is a wide variety of different options. Call Bartels Heating & Cooling for generator installation in Fairfield, OH.

Unfortunately, major storms seem to happen every year. Let’s take a look at some of the primary reasons to get a generator for your home before the next power outage hits:

  • Heating and cooling. When your power goes out, you won’t be able to heat or cool your home, unless you have a backup system. In times of extreme weather, the lack of these basic services can be hazardous, especially for children and the elderly. While you should moderate your use according to your fuel supply during an outage, a professionally installed generator can keep you warm and comfortable throughout a storm.
  • Food. While many homeowners prepare a supply of dry goods and water for outages, much, if not all of the food in your refrigerator or freezer can be lost during even minor power outages. This not only affects your supply of food, but also means losing hundreds of dollars of your hard-earned money. A generator allows you to enjoy the comfort of home-cooked food as the storm passes.
  • Preparedness. The sooner you invest in a portable or whole-home generator, the more prepared you will be for the next power outage. When people know a storm’s coming, it can be difficult to even find a bargain generator at the local hardware store, much less schedule a comprehensive whole-home installation.

Generators were designed to help you through the worst weather conditions. Install one today and let it assist you when the next power outage hits. For generator installation in Fairfield, OH, call Bartels Heating & Cooling today! 

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