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Prevent Water Leaks from Your Air Conditioner

One of the most important things you can do for your air conditioner is to schedule routine maintenance each and every year. Routine maintenance visits help to prevent major problems with your air conditioner, since you get an inspection and tune-up from a technician trained to recognize problems quickly.

And one of the biggest problems an AC maintenance visit can prevent is a water leak. This is one of the most damaging issues you can come across with an air conditioner. Depending on the location of your indoor unit, it can cause thousands of dollars’ worth of water damage.

Why Water Leaks Occur

Water leaks from an air conditioning system when it overflows from the drainage system, or when the drain system isn’t properly put into place. The drain is in place because humidity collects on the cold evaporator coil as warm, humid air moves over it. This drips down into a tray, which has a hole at one end that leads to a drainpipe.

It could be that the tray is poorly angled, or that there are cracks in it. You may even need a condensate pump to help move it along and into the drain, though this is atypical for many residential customers. Often, the problem is that the condensate drain pipe is clogged with debris.

Schedule Maintenance Today

We cannot stress enough how important it is to schedule maintenance with a qualified technician. We’ve heard of cases in which condensate leaks did thousands of dollars in damages to a home. A technician will check your condensate drain system during a maintenance visit, checking things like the trap angle, the cleanliness of the drain pipe, and the rate at which the water drains.

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