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3 Signs You Should Schedule AC Repair Right Now

Not sure if that problem with your air conditioner is really that big of a deal? It could get a lot worse if you let the issue go on for too long. But you don’t want to spend the money if you don’t have to! To help you out, we provide a few signs here that your air conditioner should be serviced as soon as possible.

Some Rooms Are Cooler than Others

Typically, this indicates some sort of issue within the ductwork. Air leaks into a crawlspace instead of into your living area. And this means you spend a lot more on cooling than you need to. And the air conditioner is wearing out—fast! Your system is designed to cool a certain amount of space, and duct leaks interfere with the AC’s cooling capacity, meaning it may fail.

You Hear Noises from Your System

Obviously, a central air conditioning system is not exactly quiet. The outdoor unit is always rather loud, and you hear a light hum or whirring noise indoors as the system cycles on. But when anything out of the ordinary happens, you should call in technicians—even if it seems like a small deal to you.

Small noises can be a big problem. A grinding noise might indicate a worn blower belt, or dirt or loose debris within the unit. But eventually the fan can shut off, leaving you without any air when you need it. A buzzing sound is typically electrical. The problem component may be wasting energy and wearing down components, and eventually the entire system can shut down.

Temperatures Rise

When temperatures in the home go up—even slightly—you should take it as a sign that something has gone wrong. It is possible that airflow has suffered, and you may only need to change the filter. On the other hand, you might have:

  • Leaky refrigerant
  • A broken fan motor
  • Wearing electrical components
  • A dirty coil

It’s so important to get these problems under control ASAP so that other parts do not suffer as a result!

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