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Signs of Leaky Air Ducts in Your Home


Air leaks in the ducts are a serious problem for any home. These leaks cut into the energy efficiency of the HVAC system, lead to an increase in HVAC repair needs, and harm indoor air quality. Perhaps the worst part about duct leaks is that they’re tricky to detect. The ducts in a home stay hidden from sight behind walls and in the attic. 

Fixing leaking air ducts isn’t difficult for professionals like us. We use various duct sealing methods to locate the leaks and make the ductwork airtight once more. If you need your ducts sealed, we can take care of it. But how can you know if you need this service if you can’t see the ducts? We’ll look over the major signs that will warn you of leaky ductwork.

High energy bills

Up to 30% of the air moving through ductwork can be lost to air leaks. When you consider that this is air you’ve already paid to cool or heat with the HVAC system, you’ll understand why leakage leads to higher energy bills. If you’ve noticed a spike in the monthly cost to cool or heat your home and you can’t account for it with increased usage, you may have duct leaks. There are other possibilities, so you’ll want our HVAC technicians to examine your home comfort system and pinpoint what’s wrong and what we need to fix.

Indoor humidity changes

Have you noticed that your home feels more humid than usual during warm weather, or drier during cold weather? This is often a warning that something is wrong with the circulation of air through the ventilation system. Duct leaks allow outside air to infiltrate the ventilation system and change humidity levels.

Dusty and mold odors from the vents

Because gaps and holes in ducts open up in closed-off parts of the house, such as the attic and between walls, they will allow the dusty air in these areas to get into the ventilation system and blown out the vents. If you notice these odd smells from the vents, call for HVAC experts.

Low airflow from the vents

One of the major problems with duct leaks is that they allow the pressure in the ventilation system to decline. Ductwork is supposed to maintain an airtight seal along its length so air pressure doesn’t drop. As the air pressure lowers, the airflow from the vents will also drop. 

Rattling sounds from the ducts

Ductwork expands and contracts with the changes in heat as the AC and heater turn on and off. If the ducts have damage such as gaps at connections and air leaks, the ducts may start making more noise as hot and cold air move through them. 

We offer services for sealing ductwork in Mason, OH. We can go beyond basic duct sealing: if you need more extensive work, we provide full duct replacements and sheet metal installations. With our help, you can have an HVAC system that works exactly the way it should, delivering clean comfort to all the rooms with minimal energy waste. 

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