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Signs of Leaky Air Ducts in Your Home

Monday, June 20th, 2022

Air leaks in the ducts are a serious problem for any home. These leaks cut into the energy efficiency of the HVAC system, lead to an increase in HVAC repair needs, and harm indoor air quality. Perhaps the worst part about duct leaks is that they’re tricky to detect. The ducts in a home stay hidden from sight behind walls and in the attic. 

Fixing leaking air ducts isn’t difficult for professionals like us. We use various duct sealing methods to locate the leaks and make the ductwork airtight once more. If you need your ducts sealed, we can take care of it. But how can you know if you need this service if you can’t see the ducts? We’ll look over the major signs that will warn you of leaky ductwork.

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Ways We Can Improve Your HVAC System in Summer

Monday, July 19th, 2021

family-in-homeAlthough you may not list “air conditioner” as one of the great pleasures of the summer, you still connect the two in your mind. You just can’t relax and enjoy the hot months without having the retreat of a comfortably cool home.

If you’re wondering if you can make your AC better, we have some suggestions. We can help your AC provide you with better and more energy-efficient cooling. The right improvements depend on the current situation you have with your AC, but here are some suggestions.

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How to Get Control Over Humidity in Your House

Monday, August 31st, 2020

woman-before-fanLate summer is often when the worst heat strikes. It also is when humidity tends to rise and make the heat feel far worse, as well as cause a spectrum of other problems (mold growth, wood warping). If you are experiencing terrible humidity this end of summer, possibly worse than you’ve run into before, there are a few services you can look into to help with the problem. Below we’ll go over some of what may help you with getting humidity down to comfortable levels (approximately 45% relative humidity).

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Is Duct Sealing Really Helpful?

Monday, January 20th, 2020

duct-sealing-with-caulkingNot only is duct sealing helpful, in situations of major duct leakage it’s a necessity. Going without it means paying more to heat and cool your house, creating extra strain on the HVAC system, a shorter life for the heater and AC, unhealthy and poor-smelling air in the house, and other problems.

We know why people wonder about the usefulness of duct sealing. It’s because ducts are hard to see. This makes it difficult to visualize the ducts needing to have any repairs in the first place. When you see damage to a wall or dying grass on the lawn, it’s a signal to do something about it. The only warning signs you’ll have that your ducts are in trouble are second-hand issues that might be from other troubles. These include higher energy bills and hot/cold spots around the house.

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