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Tips for Enjoying Efficient Heating

cold-manIf you came here looking for tips about how you can heat your home for free, you will need to find yourself a less trustworthy and fact-based blog to do so. The fact of the matter is that you have to pay in order to heat your home, regardless of what type of heating system that you use to do so. This doesn’t mean that you should have to overpay in order to enjoy consistent and reliable heating in your residence, however. That is why we’re going to share some tips for more efficient heating in Cincinnati, OH, today.

Some of these tips are simple. Others require a bit more thought about what you can invest in your heating equipment. As always, though, our team is here to walk you through any questions that you may have. We are not here to line our pockets by upselling you on anything that you do not need. We are here to ensure that you are able to enjoy truly exceptional heating with a reasonable price tag in your home, no matter how cold it may get outside.

Invest in Efficiency from the Outset

If you are looking for ways to save money around the house, look elsewhere. Investing in a new heating system is a great opportunity to invest in energy efficiency. If you decide that this is not where you want to direct your investment dollars, then you are really doing yourself a major disservice in the long run. While less efficient equipment may be cheaper, it will cost you more over time.

Looking at the HSPF for heat pumps or the AFUE for furnaces will give you a good idea of how efficiency affects overall system prices. It is true that the higher these numbers, the higher the cost, typically. However, it is also true that you’ll be seeing lower energy costs over the years, and that will really add up as time passes.

Seal Up Your Home (and Run Your Ceiling Fans)

We’re talking about two different things here: sealing and ceiling! in the winter,  reverse your ceiling fans instead of just shutting them off. Heat rises, remember, and keeping your ceiling fans turning clockwise at a low speed is a great way in which to ensure that you are forcing heated air back down into the living space where it can do the most good.

Then there is the question of sealing up your home. Using shrink wrap over drafty old windows and weather stripping in doorways will help to ward off unwanted heat transfer. Be sure to enlist a professional if you want the best air sealing services out there.

Schedule Heating Maintenance

No, we’re not just trying to sell you on our services. Routine heating maintenance is, without exception, the most effective way in which to keep your heater functioning at peak efficiency levels. We recommend that you check out and take advantage of our great maintenance program.

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