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Is a Furnace the Way to Go?

furnaceMaybe. We apologize if that is not quite as satisfactory of an answer as you were hoping for, but it is the best we can give right off the bat. Before we can really advise you about which heating system is best suited for your home, your personal user preferences, and your budget, we need to know more about factors. With that in mind, however, we do want to share some information that should help you to better understand just why furnaces are so popular among homeowners.

It is not a coincidence that furnaces remain the most popular of all home heating systems, after all. Does this mean that they are perfect for every home and every homeowner? No, of course not. But the furnace just might be the perfect fit for your home heating needs. Just remember that you’ll need to schedule professional furnace services if you want to get the most from your system, including the occasional furnace repair in Cincinnati, OH.

Fast, Effective Heating

Forced air heating systems are not entirely without their drawbacks. If they were perfect, if any heating system were perfect, then there’d be far fewer options to choose from! That being said, those homeowners interested in prompt, effective heating are the ones that jump at the chance to use a furnace.

Furnaces generate heat by combusting fuel or using electric resistance. That heat is then applied directly to air, and that heated air is then distributed throughout the house via a system of ductwork. This allows for the swift adjustment of temperatures throughout the home, and you don’t have to worry about sitting around in a chilly environment until your desired temperatures are met.

Your Options Are Open

With a furnace, most homeowners are going to go the natural gas route. That does not mean, however, that natural gas is going to be right in every situation. In fact, sometimes it is just not possible to use natural gas. That is why electric furnaces are also available.

The benefit of natural gas is that the fuel is piped directly to the house, unlike propane or oil, which eliminates the need for deliveries and on-site storage. No, you don’t have to store electricity on your property, either, but it is also much more expensive to purchase than natural gas. Electric furnaces are actually incredibly efficient, as no heat is lost to flue gases, but the higher cost leads most homeowners to choose natural gas when possible. If it’s not an option, though, you enjoy all of the benefits of the furnace with an electric model, albeit with a higher operating cost.

Share Ductwork with Your Central AC

The cost of installing a furnace is not so great when compared to systems like boilers. They are also a lot easier to install in existing properties. Plus, if you use a central air conditioning system—as many homeowners do—then you can have your furnace share those same air ducts! This makes the installation even more convenient and cost-effective.

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