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Tune Up Your AC System before It Gets Any Warmer

When you turn on your air conditioning system for the first time this spring, it might seem as though everything is working just fine. In the spring, when temperatures outside are mild, your air conditioner does a fine job of changing the temperature of the air. But you cannot guarantee that it will continue to work as well when temperatures spike.

In the summer, when temperatures are at their highest, there’s a much larger chance that your AC system will struggle and, potentially, fail. The reliability of an air conditioner is tough to predict. Though they are durable, there are a number of things that can go wrong at any point in the lifespan of the system. That’s why it’s so important to schedule annual tune-ups for your AC system. These can offer so many benefits:

  • Discovering hidden AC issues you didn’t know you needed to repair.
  • Preventing repairs in the summer.
  • Improving efficiency and lowering your monthly bills.
  • Increasing the overall lifespan of the AC system.

So how does this work?  Your whole-home air conditioner has so many parts that should all be in top working order if you expect the AC to run smoothly for a long time to come. But a significant level of wear and tear might have developed in the last cooling season.

During an annual maintenance visit—something we typically recommend for the springtime—a technician visits your home and takes a look at your air conditioner. If anything is wrong, the technician will let you know so that you can schedule repairs. If there are minor issues that could develop later on, a good technician will note these and include the information in a final report.

Otherwise, the technician makes some adjustments to the system, cleaning off parts, tightening electrical components, and helping with some minor wear and tear wherever possible. This is what helps the system to run smoothly and efficiently. Don’t delay!

Call the AC specialists at Bartels Heating & Cooling for air conditioning maintenance services in Mason and the surrounding areas.

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