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What Happens When Your Generator Goes Down


You bought your generator for a reason: peace of mind and security. Imagining a whole blackout that lasts for days is scary enough, but what if you have medical equipment in the home? Elderly occupants who stand a higher risk of injury if they trip and fall?

There’s a lot to unpack, but thankfully you don’t have to get nervous or upset as long as you have timely generator repair appointments to make sure your generator doesn’t fail on you. Let’s talk about what happens when your generator goes down, and how to prevent it in the future (to the best of your ability).

It Needs Repair, Not Maintenance

If it stops working in the middle of operation, or it just won’t kick on when you need it the most, it needs repairs. This often means component replacement that can run you a pretty penny.

Preventive maintenance is always the best way to stop these issues before they start, but it’s often an oversight for most homeowners. Your generator still needs maintenance to keep operating at full capacity and turn on when you need it.

When it doesn’t turn on at all, the window for maintenance has passed. This is the perfect time to set up annual maintenance (once the repair is finalized) so you can prevent this from happening in the future.

It’s important to note that ongoing maintenance is often cheaper than paying for repairs. The common concern with scheduling generator maintenance is usually the price, but the price will increase if you let it go too long without maintenance.

Safety Concerns

When the lights go out, doesn’t it feel like you instantly forget the layout of your own home? It happens to most of us, because we’re not used to fumbling around in the dark. It’s easy to bump into a cabinet or trip and fall over a coffee table when the lights go out.

Safety concerns intensify when there are small children in the home or elderly occupants who have a hard time. With a generator, you have to wait a maximum of sixty seconds to get the lights back on and prevent these unnecessary risks.

Medical Equipment Backups Are Gone, Too

If you have any home medical equipment, you lose access to it all together. Unless it has a native backup power supply, which most do not, a generator is required to keep medical equipment running.

While you should have a separate plan in place for medical emergencies and equipment failure, a generator is not only the easiest way to support that equipment, but often the safest.

Keep Your Generator Going With Preventive Maintenance

You’ve repaired your generator, but how do you keep it going without running into more issues? Schedule annual whole house generator maintenance as soon as possible so you can reap the rewards of being constantly safe and secure in the midst of a storm. Your generator can fail you when you need it most. Let’s not let this happen.

Contact Bartels Heating & Cooling today to schedule your generator repair or replacement as soon as possible.

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