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What to Do About Your High Heating Costs

If you feel that your heating costs seem to be much too high these days, you might worry that the only way to save a few bucks is to shut off your heating system for a while. Of course, this will save you some money, but it isn’t exactly an ideal way to save on monthly costs. Find out more ways to save on heating without feeling uncomfortable in our guide.

Learn to Use Your Programmable Thermostat

Often, homeowners with programmable thermostats don’t use them to their full potential because they’re not really sure how to use them for maximum energy efficiency. Consult with your manual or ask a technician for help learning how to do the following:

  • Program the thermostat to raise the temperature automatically while you plan to be at work and come back on before you get home.
  • Set a different schedule for the weekdays and the weekends.
  • Use your smart phone to control a smart thermostat; ask your technician about upgrading.

Eliminate Drafts

Weather-proofing the home to eliminate drafts that can come in from under doors and through windows is a fairly simple way to save money, and you can do it yourself with some materials from your local hardware store. Replace worn weatherstripping and caulking and make sure doors and windows are airtight. Some weatherstripping might need replacement every few years.


At some point, your older heating system just costs too much to run. A replacement heating system can operate more efficiently, and the total savings over the years may eventually offset that initial price. Buying a more efficient heating system is an investment in energy savings, your family’s comfort, and your health, since you may also notice cleaner air and reduce your chances of a carbon monoxide leak.

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